(UG) Motorbike for Marani Honors High School

Fundraising Goal: $1,647
Currently Raised: $1,712
Still Needed: -$65
= Denotes raised amount

Marani Honors High School continues to grow and look for new ways to improve the standard of education the students receive.

We are located about 5 miles outside the town of Lira, which makes it challenging to complete the tasks of buying supplies, coordinating activities and exams, and attending important meetings the ministry of education holds throughout the school year. 

Right now, the high school relies on COTN's administrative office for transportation, but this is often tricky as both offices require transportation at the same time.

Providing a motorcycle for the high school would lighten the burden on the COTN administrative office. This would also give the school freedom to complete the daily tasks needed without struggling to look for a way into town. 

Supplying the school with a motorcycle will help in coordinating office work, transporting examinations (district and national exams that are given throughout the year), transporting sick students to the hospital in emergency situations, and coordinating school activities for both the students and the staff.

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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