(UG) Firewood Covering

Fundraising Goal: $8,200
Currently Raised: $0
Still Needed: $8,200
= Denotes raised amount

In both the primary and secondary sections at our school, the firewood for the kitchens are stored outside. This causes three problems for the school. 

First, during the rainy season, the firewood used for cooking gets soaked and the food for the children and the staff is served late which interrupts the learning throughout the day. 

Second, because the firewood is just stored outside, snakes love to live there. This is obviously dangerous for our kids and staff. 

Finally, with the firewood just sitting outside, it’s easy for other people to steal the wood which is a financial loss to us.

To help with the above issues, we would like to build two small structures to cover and store the firewood. These will be simple structures. One of the walls will be from the ground to the roof, while the other three will be half walls to help control the cost of the buildings. The full length wall will be on the side the rain typically falls, to protect the firewood.

Minimum: $5.00

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