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In partnership with Teach a Man to Fish (TAMTF), several businesses have been developed that will be run by the school with the purposes of funding operational costs and moving toward 100% sustainability. The beekeeping business is one of seven businesses created out of the TAMTF initiative that COTN-Uganda hopes to establish over the coming months. Due to its low start-up costs, good market, high profitability, and relative ease of starting, beekeeping is a clear choice as one of the first businesses to establish.

Currently, one of our children, as a personal initiative, started his own beekeeping project. The hope is to expand this to set up a larger-scale beekeeping business and provide more formal training to help our students be the best beekeepers they can be.
The overall goal of this project is to have students from COTN's Marani Honors High School assist in running a beekeeping business that will provide income for the school through the sale of honey. The cost of running the school is high, and creating income-generating small businesses will help to offset some of the operating costs.
In addition to providing a sustainable source of income to the school, students will gain valuable vocational skills as they assist in running the business, thereby improving the quality of education offered at Marani Honors High School. Marani will now be a school that not only offers a strong academic education, but one that offers a relevant education in entrepreneurship. We hope this will continue to focus an entrepreneurial mindset among our students and staff.
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