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Marani Honors has set a standard among secondary schools in our area. To continue to meet this standard, we need to purchase textbooks for our students to study from. 
Last year, COTN's Marani Honors High School in Uganda was blessed to purchase our first phase of textbooks. We are very thankful for this first installment as it helped our teachers prepare accurate academic lessons for our students. 
Now in 2018, we are ready to add more books to our library. These books will range from science books, to math books, to English grammar books, to classic novels for the students to read in their literature classes. We will also purchase various resources needed in our geography and history classes (maps, globes, atlases, etc.). Finally, we will build lockable shelves to store the books when they aren’t in use. 
It is common for students to check out these textbooks during study halls in the mornings and evenings to read and study for upcoming exams. It is another way to give our students an edge over students in other schools. Very few schools actually have enough textbooks for their students to use.
Your generous gift today will help ensure that COTN's students always have enough textbooks to use.
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