(SL) Children's Home Water Well

Fundraising Goal: $5,294
Currently Raised: $5,294
Still Needed: $0
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COTN's Children’s Homes in Sierra Leone presently have one water well (hand pump) which the children and staff use for drinking, laundering, watering of the backyard garden, flushing toilets, and other domestic work.
But the hand pump on the well develops problems too often, causing shortages of drinking water for the entire COTN campus, including the offices and school.
When there is a shortage of water due to the breakdown of the hand pump, children go all around searching for water, some find their way to the swamp
Drilling an additional water well will ease the problem of water shortages in the Children’s Home and the COTN campus. This project will also prevent the possibility of children becoming sick due to the use of contaminated/dirty water in the swamp.
This project will also help avoid overcrowding at the pump at night and reduce fighting over the water. Thank you for providing continued clean drinking water for the children!
Minimum: $5.00

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