(SL) Play Therapy Center

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There are many young children who have recently come to the COTN Children’s Home in Sierra Leone through our Ebola Interim Care Center. These children all experienced traumatic events and the loss of their families due to the Ebola crisis. 

These children need a safe place where they can process the trauma they went through in a developmentally appropriate way. 
Play therapy is a proven method of counseling children under the age of 11. It requires a consistent, quiet location, overseen by trained staff, where children are able to play without any distraction. 
Currently on our Sierra Leone campus, there is no quiet space that can be used without interruption. The play therapy room should be in the vicinity of the Children’s Home so the children have easy access and feel comfortable coming to the room. The play therapy room will be used by those who have been trained in play therapy with the option in the future to train others. 
Having a designated space will enhance the effectiveness of the current play therapy sessions, and will allow for more children to receive play therapy. Currently five girls receive play therapy, but there are 23 children in the Children’s Home who should be receiving play therapy. 
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