(SL) Primary School Toilets

Fundraising Goal: $11,765
Currently Raised: $11,765
Still Needed: $0
= Denotes raised amount

There is an urgent need for six pit latrines in the COTN primary school (three for boys, three for girls) as well as a renovation of the existing bathroom, which will be used by staff. 

The current bathroom situation in our primary school is not sanitary and does not promote good, healthy practices to our students. There has been an increased awareness of the need for proper sanitation in our school. 
Our school enrollment has increased over the years, and the current toilet system was not designed for such a large population of students. Our current toilet system is also too close to the main primary school building. 
The new latrines will be built at a distance from the main school building, with girls on one side and boys on the opposite. These new facilities will be maintained by staff and student leaders, and will greatly improve the health and sanitation practices at the school.
Minimum: $5.00

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