(DR) Spiritual Care Motorbikes

Fundraising Goal: $2,906
Currently Raised: $5,812
Still Needed: -$2,906
= Denotes raised amount

In many cases, COTN's in-country staff find that transportation options (vehicles, motorbikes, taxi, etc.) do not meet the standards necessary to accomplish their tasks, and struggle with the:

  • Use of personal funds from their family to pay for transport to/from ministry work (specifically volunteers who do not receive a stipend yet donate their time, talents, and finances to assist our ministry in accomplishing COTN standards). 
  • Use of personal vehicles to provide transport of either personnel or equipment to/from ministry work, which puts extra strain on maintenance, fuel, and insurance. In some cases (recently in the Dominican Republic) damage done to personal property (truck) while doing COTN work (showing evangelism film). The cost to repair was too great and the family was already burdened with a great deal of financial strain due to medical emergencies. 
  • Lack of transportation options when COTN sends Venture teams in-country (as the Venture program uses all vehicles for their needs, leaving nothing available for Spiritual Care staff). This forces the staff to hire a taxi, walk, or wait for an available ride.
Your gift to this project will:
  • Provide the motorbikes and maintenance needed to transport evangelism outreach staff, volunteers, and small amounts of equipment necessary to reach communities with the gospel. 
  • Remove the burden of financial strain placed upon COTN staff, volunteers, and lay pastors who use personal funds for COTN ministry to travel to/from ministry sites on a daily basis to meet goals/objectives and standards. 
  • Provide the best quality spiritual care to COTN communities, children, and families by giving adequate transport to those who care for the overall spiritual needs of COTN benefactors.


Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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