(DR) Evangelism and Discipleship Tools

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COTN requires all countries to provide evangelistic and discipleship opportunities for all children/youth in our care, as found in COTN's Spiritual Care standards.

In order to accomplish this standard, countries use a variety of tools, technology, and innovative ideas to reach the most children/youth as possible. In many cases, COTN in-country staff find that equipment (sound systems, projectors, generators, etc.) do not meet with the standards necessary to accomplish the task and struggle with the :

  • Use of old equipment that is in disrepair
  • Lack of proper equipment that is needed to fill in the gaps (sound systems, quiet generators, high powered projector for use in bright sunshine, etc.)
  • Use of personal funds from their family to pay to repair COTN equipment so they can continue to use it for ministry (specifically volunteers who do not receive a stipend – yet donate their time and talents to assist us in accomplishing COTN standards.
Your gift to this project will:
  • Equip the Spiritual Care Department, leaders, volunteers, and churches that support our ministry with the technology needed to accomplish evangelism and discipleship found in COTN's standards of service. 
  • Remove the burden of financial strain placed upon COTN-Dominican Republic staff and lay pastors who use personal funds for the ministry.
  • Advance the work of Spiritual Care in training youth and young adults to use equipment properly to advance the gospel (outreach teams, student leadership, etc.).


Minimum: $5.00

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