(UG) Secondary School Girls Water Project

Fundraising Goal: $4,206
Currently Raised: $1,000
Still Needed: $3,206
= Denotes raised amount

With the addition of the secondary school, the water usage at COTN-Uganda has increased drastically and we need to begin exploring ways to use the rain water that falls during rainy season.

COTN-Uganda has seen the opportunity to add gutters and a water tank to collect rain water from the roof of the girls' dormitory. The water will run off of the roof into the gutters attached to the building. It will then be piped to a water tank (which will hold 30,000 liters or 7,925 gallons) that will be equipped with a tap for students and staff to come and use. 

The students will use the water tank for:

1. Washing their clothes and uniforms.
2. Mopping the dorm floor and cleaning the dormitory (and classrooms when they are built).
3. Watering the vegetation around for landscaping.

This will help us to maintain the current borehole wells we have, as right now they are overused. It will also help us minimize water bills later, when we have a connection to the local water supply.

All of COTN-Uganda will benefit from this project, as it will lighten the load on the current boreholes and water pumps.  

A secondary benefit to this project is separating the secondary students from the children in our Children's Homes. Currently, the secondary students share a borehole with the Home children. It would be good to separate these two groups of children to protect all involved. 

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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