(UG) School Urinals

Fundraising Goal: $2,471
Currently Raised: $0
Still Needed: $2,471
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We have seen a big problem in overcrowding at our school bathrooms. For a variety of reasons, this is not a good thing. We are especially concerned about the privacy of our older girls. Right now there is little space to distinguish between the boys' toilets and the girls' toilets.

COTN-Uganda has made some adjustments internally to help the situation, but it is not enough to alleviate the number of people that use the toilets. Adding a urinal separate for the boys will help us in this area.

The urinals we construct will be used by the boys while the girls will use the current bathrooms that are already in place. However, we will leave one set of bathrooms free for the boys as a urinal will not handle all the bathroom needs for our boys.

Your gift to this project will help keep the children safe and healthy as they attend COTN's school. Thank you!

Minimum: $5.00

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