(UG) Study Tour 2019

Fundraising Goal: $3,568
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Still Needed: -$7
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Since 2013, our primary 7 students have embarked on a 3-day field trip (called a “study tour”) to visit areas of Uganda many of our children have not yet reached. We are praying that 2019 will be no different.

To enhance the learning done in school, the teaching staff would like to take students to Jinja, Kampala, and Entebbe for a field trip. 

In Jinja, the students are able to see and learn about the River Nile and see the actual point where the Nile River begins. 

In Entebbe, the children are able to take a private tour of a zoo where they are able to interact with the animals. 

In Kampala, we are planning to take the children to visit the Parliament where they will be able to witness the work done there and sit in on meetings that are held there every day. In Kampala, the students will also be able to visit the Uganda museum to learn about the history of Uganda and see some of the artifacts found throughout their country. 

Finally, the students will spend some time at Kawanda Agricultural Institute where they learn about various agricultural projects which they have studied in science classes at our school. These stops are a fair representation of places and activities covered in the students' school topics and subjects that always feature in their national exams.

Throughout the years, we have realized the teachers who attend this field trip are also beneficiaries as they are always able to learn new information which enhances their teaching in the classroom.

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