(UG) Incinerator

Fundraising Goal: $2,825
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With rapid growth at our school in Uganda, we are quickly realizing the need for many small projects to ensure quality education and health for our students. This is one of those projects.

Most boarding schools in Uganda have something called an incinerator. The incinerator would allow us to burn the trash from around campus instead of piling it in a pit. If trash is thrown in a pit, eventually we would have to employ someone to come and empty it. Also, it is easy to imagine the smell that comes with a garbage pit. Having the incinerator will help us with both of these issues. 

However, the biggest reason for the incinerator is for the girls. When the girls have their periods, if they don’t have a proper place to dispose of their pads, they will flush them down the toilets, which leads to blockages and major problems. But if the girls are ensured that their pads will be burned, they won’t feel like they need to flush their pads.

Thank you for giving to this project and helping to keep the school campus clean and hygienic!

Minimum: $5.00

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