(UG) School Library Furnishings

Fundraising Goal: $4,180
Currently Raised: $4,450
Still Needed: -$270
= Denotes raised amount

We are blessed at COTN's nursery and primary school to have purchased many textbooks for our pupils. While we have done our best to keep them well, it has been difficult to do so as we don’t have a proper place to keep them.

In addition, our primary teachers have begun to see the benefit of reading aloud to children often. The library would be a wonderful place to take the children and read stories to them and let them explore reading story books on their own. 

Finally, while we continue constructing our secondary school, this library will also be used to help store books for our secondary school as we continue to purchase them.

This library will serve both primary and secondary students until the library in the secondary section is constructed.

All of our students will benefit from having a proper library in our school. The library will help to instill a culture of reading at our school, which we all know will push our children to think deeper and more creatively while opening their minds to the world around them.

The teachers will also benefit from a library. As we continue to fill it with resources, they will have more places to research and prepare their lesson plans from so they may teach our children the most current information.

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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