(UG) Teach a Man to Fish

Fundraising Goal: $15,150
Currently Raised: $15,441
Still Needed: -$291
= Denotes raised amount

In an effort to move our schools in Uganda toward 100% sustainability, we are seeking a partnership with Teach A Man To Fish (TAMTF). Through this partnership TAMTF will work with our staff and teachers to develop businesses (up to 8 businesses) that will be run by the school with the purpose of funding future operational costs.

At COTN, we are now putting emphasis on preparing our young adults to become social entrepreneurs, working together to find enterprising solutions for local, community, and national needs. As part of this, we recognize the need to offer young people a practical learning opportunity to acquire business, technical, and soft skills that will benefit them after graduation. At the same time, we are looking for solutions to increase the sustainability of our projects, such as income-generating activities like school enterprise.
The aim of this initiative is to support COTN-Uganda schools to: 
1) Strengthen their finances by generating increased sustainable income from school enterprises.
2) Improve the quality of education offered as a result of using businesses as a platform for enhanced learning and skills development.  
These aims will be achieved by: 
1) Facilitating the development of a business plan for the school. 
2) Building capacity among the school staff and students to manage the planning and administration of business processes.
3) Training teachers in a practical entrepreneurship educational program. Teach A Man To Fish is proposing a technical assistance program that would improve the effectiveness and sustainable impact of COTN schools.
About our partner:
Teach A Man To Fish (TAMTF) aims to eradicate poverty by providing good quality, low-cost, relevant education to young people in developing countries. TAMTF supports schools to establish school-based enterprises. These enterprises serve as learning platforms and as income-generating activities for the school, as students work on the businesses alongside their academic education. In this way, students learn valuable business and entrepreneurial skills and the school has the ability to raise additional funds in a sustainable way. The student’s involvement in the businesses makes their education more relevant to the workplace and means graduates leave school better prepared to succeed in work, in further education, and in life.
Minimum: $5.00

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