(SL) Secondary School (Phase 3A)

Fundraising Goal: $76,235
Currently Raised: $76,245
Still Needed: -$10
= Denotes raised amount
To get a quality education, the children in our programs need to be in a good learning environment. But our secondary school in Sierra Leone doesn’t have the facilities to meet the needs of the students. The school has grown, but the facilities haven’t kept up with this growth.
We want to offer options for students who want to pursue technical or vocational careers, but we don’t have the space to offer these classes. Phase 3A of this project includes building two workshops where technical and vocational subjects such as carpentry and auto mechanics can be taught. 
Barbra lost both of her parents as a child. She lived with relatives but didn’t have basic needs such as food, clothing, or money for school fees. 
Then Barbra joined Children of the Nations when she was 10 years old and finally received the care and resources she needed to thrive. 
Barbra arrived as a fearful young girl, but over the years she has flourished. She recently graduated from Dokolo Technical Institute where she studied construction. 
She has spent her free time helping contractors on our Uganda campus construction sites. Barbra says, “Each time I work on site, like I did during the construction of the first floor of the boys’ dormitory, I feel so privileged and special, and at the same time humbled by what God has turned my life into.”
When children like Barbra are given the opportunity to succeed, they astound us with what they can accomplish. 


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