Olivia's Wedding Fund

This June, Children of the Nations (COTN) is sponsoring the wedding of one of our grown children, Olivia Potani of Malawi. She is a member of our family, and we want to support her as she takes this big step. We also want to encourage the positive example she is setting for our younger children in Malawi and around the world. 

Your gift will help COTN cover the $4,679 cost of Olivia's wedding, and give her a special day she will never forget. 

Olivia came to COTN's Malawi Children's Homes after both her parents died and she was passed from one family of relatives to the next. As an orphan, she was often treated without dignity. Some relatives made her sleep with the animals; others used her bedroom as a bathroom.

But thanks to her sponsors and all of you who are part of the COTN family, Olivia was treated with dignity, love, and respect upon arriving in COTN's Children's Homes. “I experienced growth in my spiritual life, and I was able to make progress with my studies,” Olivia says. “All this was because of the safe home I found, with loving parents.” 

Thank you for continuing to support Olivia and the rest of COTN's children as they grow up and enter adulthood. 

(Any gifts we receive beyond the amount needed will help fund future weddings for our children in Malawi.)

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