(UG) Primary School Classrooms

Fundraising Goal: $57,029
Currently Raised: $57,029
Still Needed: $0
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Because of a high demand for quality education in Uganda, our primary school is a popular place. Children come from all over the area to attend our school. As a result, our class sizes are larger than they should be, making it hard for teachers to give students the individual attention they need. 

Your gift will help to provide a new building to be used for classes at our school. This will help reduce class sizes and create a better learning environment for the children.

These rooms will also be used as temporary secondary school classrooms, while our secondary school is being built nearby. They can also be a space for teachers to meet and prepare lessons when classes are not in session. 

Thank you for providing a better learning environment for the children! 

Minimum: $5.00

Select if you would like to give a monthly or one-time donation.

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