(DR) I Love Baseball: Field Development

Many young men in the Dominican Republic believe that playing baseball is the only way they can escape poverty. They drop out of school to pursue professional careers, but 99% of them return home, destined to a life of poverty. 
The I Love Baseball program gives them another option: to play the sport they love while getting an education and working toward a brighter future. 
But I Love Baseball is at a turning point. We have always rented a public field for the boys to practice on. That field is now under construction by the government and we can’t use it. 
With a new baseball field, the athletes in our program will have a safe place to play and we can reach many more at-risk boys and young men. 
Salomón joined Children of the Nations as an average teenager in Barahona. His family had just enough money to feed them and buy basic supplies, but they had no money for education. Like other young men in the Dominican Republic, Salomón thought baseball would be his only ticket out of poverty. 
But through the I Love Baseball program, he was able to develop his skills in baseball while attending school. When a professional baseball career didn’t pan out, he was able to pursue a new dream: becoming a doctor. 
Now Salomón is a doctor for Children of the Nations! His life has been transformed, and he is able to make a difference in the lives of children in the Dominican Republic. 
Your gift will give young men in the Dominican Republic better opportunities for their future and empower them to become the next generation of leaders!
Minimum: $5.00
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