(DR) I Love Baseball: Field Development (Phase 1)

Fundraising Goal: $160,631
Currently Raised: $161,733
Still Needed: -$1,102
= Denotes raised amount

As the I Love Baseball program grows to help more boys in the Dominican Republic, we plan to improve the facilities they use. This first project component of the ILB Field Development Plan focuses on the basic construction of the field in order to move the current program’s daily practice to the new property.

By providing for the construction of these improved facilities, you will be helping the young men in the ILB program to develop into leaders on and off the field. This will equip them to enter higher education and the workforce as young adults who can make a positive impact on their community.

This project includes the following elements:

Final engineering design: $13,911
Permitting and registration: $18,196
Land preparation: $42,238
Grandstand foundation, broadcasting booth, office, and kitchen space: $86,286
Minimum: $5.00
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