(DR) I Love Baseball: Land Purchase

Fundraising Goal: $323,395
Currently Raised: $323,395
Still Needed: $0
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This project is fully funded! Thank you!

As you may know, what we’ve needed for the past 3 years to really take the I Love Baseball (ILB) program to the next level is to buy a piece of land and build a clean, quality baseball field. This will not only provide a safe, dedicated place for the boys and young men in our program to meet for Bible study, eat meals, and practice baseball, it will signal to other boys in the area that the ILB program is serious about helping them achieve their dreams. This will allow us to reach more boys who would otherwise be at risk.

The ILB program was started in 2008 to help at-risk boys who might otherwise be taken advantage of by predatory scouts. Through ILB, we provide breakfast and lunch 5 days a week, pair boys up with a Christian mentor, and give them high quality baseball training while requiring them to stay in school and maintain a “B” average. This program has proved to be very successful so far, and now is the time to expand it, by building this baseball field.
The field we currently use is a public park in poor condition, often littered with trash, with livestock wandering through the outfield. Even with our boys working hard to keep the field clean, it is constantly abused by other groups.
By owning a baseball field that we can develop into a prime facility, the ILB program will attract youth who are most at risk in the community. This land will be used for a clubhouse, dorms for visiting players, and a field with lights so the boys can play in the evening instead of during the school day. This investment will also be more cost-effective over time than our current practice of renting and maintaining the public field.
Please consider partnering with us to change the lives of young Dominicans. Let’s use the sport of baseball to share the love of Jesus Christ with them, teach them how to be men, value their education, and pursue their dreams!
Minimum: $5.00
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