(DR) Casa Guest Housing

Fundraising Goal: $182,796
Currently Raised: $166,542
Still Needed: $16,254
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The Goal: Excellent Hospitality, Practical Training
Casa Bethesda, Children of the Nations’ guest house in the Dominican Republic, accommodates hundreds of Venture participants each year. Through the Casa, we strive to provide a comfortable place for our visiting guests to stay while they serve our children. We also want to use the Casa to provide opportunities for students in our program to gain practical experience in the hospitality industry through internships.

The Need: Additional Housing
Additional housing and other renovations are needed to accommodate the growing number of Venture teams each year at the Casa. Teams of doctors, teachers, pastors, and many other professionals invest in and serve the children each year, but we have limited space for them. Architects Justin Towart and John Aprati have volunteered their time to create the plans for the new construction.

In addition to the new kitchen that has already been built, we plan to add four suite-style bedrooms, a conference room, and a new HVAC system to accommodate the high number of visitors to the Casa.

The Plan: Equipping Children Who Transform Nations
By accommodating teams who invest in the children, and providing the opportunity for students to participate in internships in a growing, practical industry, you are equipping children to be the future leaders of their nations. It is because of these opportunities and investments that these children will one day bring lasting change to their nation. Thank you for giving generously today!


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