(SL) Freetown Campus: Marjay Town Building Renovation

Fundraising Goal: $12,650
Currently Raised: $318
Still Needed: $12,332
= Denotes raised amount

A handful of our children in Sierra Leone have finished secondary school and are preparing for university. As they continue their educational journey, and as several other students prepare to follow them in the coming years, many will end up at universities in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital.

Finding affordable student housing in Freetown is very difficult. And it will only become more difficult as more of our children graduate from secondary school and move on to university. That is why, as funding allows, we would like to renovate our school facility in Marjay Town, on the outskirts of Freetown, to house our growing number of university students. Providing this housing will be a huge blessing to our students, and allow them to focus on their studies rather than worrying about where to live.

Minimum: $5.00
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