(SL) Minivan Vehicle

Fundraising Goal: $13,626
Currently Raised: $13,626
Still Needed: $0
= Denotes raised amount

The Goal: Efficient Transportation
It is essential to have a working vehicle at Children of the Nations’ Banta Ministry Center at all times to ensure the safety of our children, and for basic transportation needs like transporting food supplies from town, picking up Venture Teams, transporting children to exams at other schools, or rushing children to the hospital in emergencies. Our goal is to complete all these tasks in the most efficient way, to free up resources and time that can be invested more directly in the children.

The Need: A More Reliable Vehicle
Transportation needs are currently met by a Toyota Land Cruiser and a Nissan Urvan. The Urvan is not in good working order, and requires constant maintenance which is both time-consuming and expensive. A poda poda (a minivan from Sierra Leone) is designed for African conditions, and would be much more sturdy and easier to maintain. In addition, it is an extremely versatile vehicle and could be used for a variety of purposes, from transporting food to picking up Venture Teams and children.

The Plan: Equipping Children Who Transform Nations
By funding a poda poda, you are freeing up the resources we continually spend on maintaining an old vehicle. You will be allowing in-country staff to dedicate more time and money to programs and projects that will benefit the children and prepare them to be leaders in their nation. It is because of these investments that the children will one day have the resources and influence to bring lasting transformation to Sierra Leone.

Minimum: $5.00
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