(SL) Mokpangumba School (Phase 1 of 3)

Fundraising Goal: $52,447
Currently Raised: $52,713
Still Needed: -$266
= Denotes raised amount

This phase of the project is fully funded! Thank you!

The Goal: Accessible Education
Mokpangumba, the most remote Children of the Nations (COTN) village in Sierra Leone, is about an hour’s walk and across a river from COTN’s ministry site in Upper Banta. When COTN launched ministry in this region, Mokpangumba had no school. For this reason, when COTN opened its school in Banta, children began traveling from Mokpangumba to attend. The Mokpangumba school was established in 2007 so the youngest children would not have to make this long journey.

The Need: A Better Place to Learn 
The Mokpangumba school currently meets in a mud hut, with four classes facing different walls, separated by makeshift dividers. The remaining classes meet outside under a tree. The hut leaks when it rains, and lacks clean water and bathrooms. Teachers and students are dedicated to persevere despite these hardships, but they need a better facility. A permanent brick building would protect the children from the elements and allow space for the first two large classrooms, a large office (which could initially be used for classes), and a covered veranda. A well would pave the way for a latrine and provide clean water immediately.
The Plan: Educating Children Who Transform Nations
By providing the children of Mokpangumba with a better learning environment, you are giving them the tools they need to excel in school. With these tools in hand, they will be equipped to become leaders in their society, bringing lasting change to Sierra Leone.
Minimum: $5.00
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