Child Sponsorship Fights Human Trafficking at its Roots

    Silverdale, WA – October 28, 2011 – The slave trade is anything but dead. Staggering statistics still accompany the practices of human trafficking and slavery: 27 million people around the world are enslaved today, 40 percent of whom are children. The practice of child slavery is alive and growing, and has been for centuries.

    Children of the Nations (COTN) is helping to end human trafficking and child slavery by attacking the root of the problem. COTN’s Child Sponsorship Program protects vulnerable children by keeping them off the street and giving them a safe environment in which to live.

    It's the orphaned children with no place to go, the kids on the street, and the children living in desperate poverty who are most likely to be exploited by human traffickers—enticed by promises of a better life only to find themselves forced into domestic service or even prostitution. One in three children are lured into prostitution within the first 48 hours of living on the street.

    COTN’s Child Sponsorship Program provides orphaned children with loving, stable homes and helps destitute families properly care for their children. By caring for children holistically—meeting the physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs of each child—COTN ensures all of the children in its Sponsorship Program are safe and protected from harm.

    Children of the Nations is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising children who transform nations. The organization currently serves in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Liberia, providing holistic care to orphaned and destitute children. For more information, visit

    Media Contact:
    Pam Wright, Senior Director of Advancement
    Children of the Nations – USA