Children of the Nations Cares for the Children Left in Kony's Wake

    Silverdale, WA – March 12, 2012 – A recent viral video, Kony 2012, has focused mass attention on the rebel leader Joseph Kony, the atrocities he has committed in northern Uganda, and the terror his band of rebels continue to inflict from their exile in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  This video, created by the organization Invisible Children, has generated awareness and compassion, as well as controversy.  In light of this controversy, many people are asking how they can get involved beyond awareness and make a difference in the lives of the children affected by Kony's army.  

    COTN works in northern Uganda, in the village of Lira, an area particularly affected by Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), which raided villages in northern Uganda for nearly two decades until peace talks put an end to the violence in 2006.  During the height of the war, an estimated 20,000 fled to Lira in search of safety from the threat of the LRA.  Today the people of Lira continue to piece their lives back together after Kony's army left thousands displaced, and hundreds of orphans and destitute children in their wake.  

    COTN's efforts are focused on caring for the orphans and destitute children left homeless and vulnerable by the LRA's attacks.  Kony's army preys on vulnerability, and the only way to see a long-term end to this type of terror is to focus on equipping a generation with the tools they need to end the instability and poverty that allows groups like the LRA to exist in the first place.  We believe the power to truly transform northern Uganda lies in the hands of the children themselves, and in COTN's in-country staff—all Ugandans—who are raising, educating, praying for, and supporting them.

    Charity Navigator, an independent organization that rates charities based on financial stewardship, transparency, and accountability, has ranked COTN as a four star charity, the highest rating.  You can be a part of our mission to raise children who transform nations by sponsoring a child, sending resources to a child, or visiting one of the countries we serve.  

    Children of the Nations is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising children who transform nations. The organization currently serves in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Liberia, providing holistic care to orphaned and destitute children. For more information, visit  

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