U.S. Nonprofit Establishes Ebola Orphan Care Center in Sierra Leone

    SILVERDALE, Wash. — November 10, 2015 — On Nov. 7, Sierra Leone officially said goodbye to Ebola.

    The reality? The fallout is far from over.
    Children of the Nations (COTN), a nonprofit that cares for orphaned children in the developing world, was just asked by the Sierra Leone Minister of Social Welfare to take in children who are victims of Ebola. This includes housing them and providing basic needs until a permanent situation can be established. 
    These children, who lost their families to Ebola, have nowhere else to go. Some were physically spared from the virus, others have suffered greatly, even losing their vision and hearing. 
    None of them will be turned away as long as COTN has the capacity to care for them.
    In the coming weeks, COTN will welcome orphans identified by the Sierra Leonean government into their Ebola Orphan Care Center in Freetown. They will immediately receive care while COTN works to find living relatives. For children without relatives, COTN will welcome them to their Children’s Homes in Banta, Sierra Leone. These homes are in the same area as COTN’s school facilities, medical clinic, and administrative offices.
    With more children coming into COTN’s care, there is a potential need to build more Children’s Homes. That is being decided at this time.
    In the midst of the chaos and the devastation these children have experienced, COTN is providing a glimmer of hope. Better yet, they are providing safety, comfort, and family. 
    “The opportunity for those who weren’t touched by Ebola to reach out and extend a hand to help those who were [affected] is going to be a real crucial part of their development and the healing that is going to happen in Sierra Leone,” said COTN Founder Chris Clark.
    To help with COTN’s ongoing efforts to care for children affected by Ebola, visit cotni.org/ebola.
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