Children of the Nations Launches Ministry in Liberia and Haiti

    Silverdale, WA – October 8, 2010 – After prayerful consideration, God’s leading, and five-month feasibility studies, Children of the Nations (COTN), a Christian mission organization located in Silverdale, Washington, is excited to announce they are officially launching ministry in two additional countries: Haiti and Liberia.

    COTN–Haiti (for more information visit
    Children of the Nations’ outreach to Haiti began immediately following the January 2010 earthquake that devastated the impoverished Caribbean nation. Their ministry site in neighboring Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, was strategically poised for immediate response. Since January, COTN’s Dominican staff as well as hundreds of US staff, medical teams, and volunteers have provided ongoing support to Haiti—sending medical teams, shipping resources, providing trauma counseling and training, and partnering with Haitian pastors, churches, and organizations in an effort to minister to Haiti.

    As Children of the Nations officially launches ministry in Haiti, the initial focus will be to establish a Village Partnership Program that will provide holistic care for orphaned and destitute children. Such a program will include a medical clinic, school facilities, a feeding center, and more. Child sponsorship, where partners can sponsor a child and help a child in need, will play a key role in the program. Initial efforts (as early as 2011, as funding and capacity allow), will focus on establishing COTN–Haiti as a legal NGO (non-governmental organization), identifying the location of our first Village Partnership Program, and hiring initial staff (Country Coordinator, School Principal/Director, and Village Partnership Coordinator).

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    Liberia has long been embedded in the heart of COTN. Not only was Chris Clark, COTN founder, raised in Liberia by missionary parents, but when Children of the Nations first began ministry in Sierra Leone in 1995, it was to respond to the needs of African orphans displaced because of the rebel wars in Liberia. During the course of the past fifteen years, COTN’s calling to Liberia has been in the works, waiting on God’s perfect timing.

    As Children of the Nations officially launches ministry in Liberia, the initial focus will be to establish a Children’s Village that will provide full-time residential care for orphaned children. The Children’s Village will provide holistic care including a medical clinic, a school, a feeding center, and more. Sponsorship will be a large part of our efforts toward helping children in Africa. The initial efforts (as early as 2011, as funding and capacity allow), will focus on establishing COTN–Liberia as a legal NGO (non-governmental organization), identifying the location of our Liberia Children’s Village, and hiring initial staff (Country Coordinator and School Principal/Director).

    About Children of the Nations
    Children of the Nations (COTN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising children who transform nations. Founded in 1995, the organization currently provides holistic care to orphaned and destitute children in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Liberia. By partnering with nationals, they establish full-care residential Children’s Homes (for orphans) and Village Partnership Programs (to benefit orphans and children living with destitute families or caregivers who cannot properly provide for them). The programs and services they provide include education, feeding centers, medical services, and community development initiatives such as agriculture, sanitation projects, micro-enterprise, and more. Children of the Nations believes true, lasting, and meaningful change to a nation begins with children, so they are their mission. Children of the Nations stands apart from other organizations in their goal not to provide relief, but rather to empower nationals to a life of self-sustainability.  For more information visit

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    Pam Wright, Senior Director of Advancement
    Children of the Nations – USA