Project Funding Priorities

Provide baseball gear for the boys in the I Love Baseball program
Help make the children's playground safe
Provide improved accommodations for Venture participants in the Dominican Republic
Provide a place for Dominican youth to learn and develop important skills
Provide clean water for children in the Dominican Republic
Help COTN-Malawi grow and connect with the local community
Provide desks for 160 students at COTN's school in Malawi
Provide a library and an administration building for students in Malawi
Provide classrooms for secondary school students in Malawi
Provide an updated, cleaner kitchen for serving food to children and visitors
Provide educational and career opportunities for students who are unable to complete high school.
Help children learn the value of farming and sustainable development
Provide income and food for the children, through the piggery project
Help children in Sierra Leone get an education
Provide clean water to the children of Uganda
Provide clean, solar energy to children in Uganda
Provide a motorbike for use by COTN staff at our high school in Uganda
Provide housing for boys attending COTN's secondary school in Uganda
Let's work together to create sustainable funding sources for our schools in Uganda!
Send a child to camp or provide transportation for university students!