2015 Funding Priorities

Provide improved accommodations for Venture participants in the Dominican Republic
Help to revamp the medical clinic program in the Dominican Republic
Help make the children's playground safe
Provide the I Love Baseball program with the space to serve more youth
Provide land for a ministry center in Haiti
Provide a better vehicle for the children and staff in Haiti
Help children in Malawi learn basic hygiene practices to keep them healthy
Provide students at our school in Malawi with a place to eat
Provide a truck for the Village Partnership Program in Malawi
Provide a vehicle for the COTN-Malawi staff
Help provide for in-country staff as they care for children in Sierra Leone
Provide a home for children who have been orphaned by Ebola
Help protect our children from Ebola by providing a means of transportation to the hospital
Protect the children from Ebola by building a fence around our ministry site in Sierra Leone
Provide children in Sierra Leone with a proper learning environment
Invest in expanding our field offices and mobilizing partners on a national level
Provide for the basic needs of children awaiting sponsorship in Africa and the Caribbean
Send a child to camp this summer!