Project Funding Priorities

Support the self-sustainability of our clinic
Provide improved accommodations for Venture participants in the Dominican Republic
Support our holistic care efforts during this season of increased costs in Haiti
Help launch a new preschool in Haiti
Provide food for children attending COTN's after school program in Haiti
Support grant writing in Haiti
Help fund Ernesto's internship for development of our Haiti ministry
Provide a platform for COTN–Malawi to host events
Provide safe, reliable electricity for our children in Malawi
Provide motorcycles for our Malawian staff to travel between villages
Provide clean water to children in Malawi
Provide a safe home for orphans in Sierra Leone
Provide a school for young children in Sierra Leone
Provide safe pathways for children at school
Provide safe classrooms for children in primary school
Provide desks for children in Sierra Leone
A means of transport and communication for our Administrative and Hospitality team in Uganda
Provide training for physical care staff in Uganda, Malawi, and Sierra Leone
Help provide land for a secondary school in Uganda
Provide mosquito nets for children in Uganda
Securing our solar system benefits our campus
Reliable power for our homes and clinic
Invest in expanding our field offices and mobilizing partners on a national level
Help a child when they are most in need
Help us serve children better by improving communication with partners like you
Send a child to camp or provide transportation for university students!