LATEST UPDATES: Casa Bethesda Kitchen and Dining Hall

Dominican Republic

Thank you for helping expand Casa Bethesda!  Thanks to you, this project is fully funded.  To give toward the next phase of construction, visit our giving page.

Here are some recent updates:

May 2013 - Construction complete, thanks to you!
Thanks to your gifts, and our incredible team of construction workers and consultants, the dining hall and kitchen expansion were completed in May! Our staff held a dedication ceremony to celebrate your gifts! Thank you!

                Staff celebrate your gifts at the dedication ceremony in the new dining hall!  

                        The renovated kitchen is much larger, thanks to you! This will allow some of our older students to complete internships at the Casa, which will open opportunities for careers in the hospitality industry. 

                            The beautiful Casa Bethesda by night, with the new dining hall.

March 2013 - Construction Begins.
Thanks to your generous contributions, construction begins on a large dining room and the expansion and renovation of our existing kitchen. 

                                                   Construction on the dining room begins.  

Thanks to you, we were able to begin building an addition on the kitchen, allowing us to expand our very small facility (the blue shed in the photo is our original kitchen.)

2012 - No Room at the Inn.
With more and more Venture participants travelling to the Dominican Republic each year, Casa Bethesda can no longer accomodate the volume of guests. Larger teams have to stay in hotels, and our cooking staff have to make do with a very small kitchen in which to prepare meals. Venture participants dine under a tent, as there is not enough room inside for all of them.

   Our cooks prepare food for up to one hundred people in this small shed that serves as a kitchen.      
                                                           The only dining facility is a tent.