Feeding Children Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Feeding Children
Provide food and sustainable farming solutions to feed children in Africa and the Caribbean

Your gift will help provide food for our children today, tomorrow, and forever by funding immediate and long-term food needs:

  • Feeding children TODAY - Your gift will help purchase food in the countries COTN serves, thereby supporting local farmers and businesses while meeting hungry children’s immediate needs.
  • Feeding children TOMORROW - Through your support and other generous partnerships, we are securing grants so large quantities of food can be packed at strategic events and shipped to the countries we serve, for use during food shortages. Our current focus is to ship meals to Sierra Leone.
  • Feeding children FOREVER - Our long-term goal is that each of the countries we serve will one day be able to produce all the food they need, without relying on us. That’s why a big part of our efforts focus on developing sustainable farms in the countries we serve

Thank you for providing food and sustainable farming solutions for children in Africa and the Caribbean!

You have the opportunity to be part of a movement that is reshaping poverty, hunger, and quality of life for children in Africa and the Caribbean. Please contact Dave Schertzer at 360-633-1621 or daveschertzer@cotni.org to see how you can use your unique talents and resources to be a part of this movement.

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