The Meek Are Getting Ready: Jenifer’s Story Malawi
Jan 11, 2017 -

Jenifer’s favorite Bible verse is Matthew 5:5: “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (NIV). And her beginnings, growing up among the poorest in Malawi, can only be described as humble.

Photos: A Day in the Life of Two Ugandan Children Uganda
Jan 9, 2017 -

Meet Patty and Gwido. 

Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Haiti Haiti
Jan 3, 2017 -

It wasn't snowing outside, but thanks to you, COTN children in Haiti had a very merry Christmas party in COTN's Haiti ministry center. “We enjoyed every bit of the celebrations,” says Steven Mizecki, COTN-Haiti’s administrative intern.

As the children celebrated and reflected on the birth of Christ, they enjoyed singing, dancing, and watching skits. They ate lots of good food and even got a visit from Santa Claus! 


Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Uganda Uganda
Girl eating
Jan 3, 2017 -

Thanks to the generous donations of partners like you, children in COTN–Uganda were able to hold Christmas parties. They celebrated the birth of Jesus through dancing, nutritious meals, and gift giving.

Children were excited by the new clothes they received, but one of the very best presents was letters from the children’s sponsors.


Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Merry Christmas sign
Jan 3, 2017 -

Thanks to you, children in COTN-Sierra Leone’s Village Partnership Program and Children’s Homes had joyous Christmas parties. The celebrations of Christ’s birth included prayer and worship, unwrapping gifts, nutritious meals, dancing, and more.

Photos from Your Child's Christmas Party in Malawi Malawi
Jan 3, 2017 -

Thank you, sponsors! 

Because of your generous gifts to the children's Christmas Celebration fund, more than 1,200 children and students in Malawi were able to celebrate Christmas with gifts, parties, games, new clothes, food, special treats, a trip to the lake, and rejoicing in the birth of Jesus Christ by holding Christmas performances and accepting invitations to receive Christ as their savior. 
Photos of Your Child's Christmas Party: the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Dec 29, 2016 -

Thanks to you, COTN children across the globe have been able to have Christmas parties this year. Today, we are excited to share photos from the parties in COTN's Dominican Republic communities, where 1,250 children celebrated the birth of our Savior.

“God Can Make All Impossibilities Possible”: Hawa’s Breast Cancer Story Sierra Leone
Hawa with her sisters
Dec 28, 2016 -

Hawa entered COTN–Sierra Leone’s care when she was about six years old. Both of her parents had passed away from illness. She joined COTN's sponsorship program and she thrived. She enjoyed volleyball and wanted to become an accountant.

Why I Go to Africa United States
Dec 14, 2016 -

People often ask me why I go to Africa, especially to the places that “even Africans do not go,” a comment I’ve heard more than once from friends with African roots.

When I’m asked why I go, I typically chatter on about marginalized people, building relationships, educational needs and such—words I believe, for sure. But are these the reasons I go?
Fighting Child Marriage and Sex Abuse: A Talk with TED Speaker Memory Banda Malawi
Dec 7, 2016 -

Traditionally in Malawi, it’s taboo to talk about sex. But recently this country has been front and center in a worldwide discussion about cultural practices that promote sexual abuse and early marriage.