Interns' Summer in Banta Mokelleh Sierra Leone
Oct 1, 2007 -

Our last few weeks in Banta Mokelleh in Sierra Leone have been bittersweet. Sweet because every day we feel more and more a part of this community and the color distinctions seem to fade away as we share laughs and inside jokes with our friends. Bitter because even as I write this, it’s still hard to believe that it’s our last day here. This is the day we have all been dreading. Some of us are running around doing some last-minute cleaning and packing.

The Process of Learning Malawi
Oct 1, 2007 -

When the interns come to Malawi, one of the first things I tell them is this: “It is not what you come to Malawi to do that is important, but what you learn.” I believe that in this life, God asks us not to be doers, but to be learners. Of course there are many great works to do, many things that God does indeed ask us to do, but the process in getting those tasks done is of far greater importance than the actual task. The journeys—the lessons learned—have eternal value, while the tasks themselves, in time, will fade away.

Lira, Uganda—News from the Field Uganda
Oct 1, 2007 -

Greetings from Lira, Uganda! It is so good to be back here—to feel the embrace of the Ugandan staff and to see some of the children and adults in the camps that we left behind. There were tears of joy and hugs as we were warmly welcomed to our home here. Ed met his namesake, Little Ed or “Hed” as they call him here! It is such a joy to see the work of God in the lives of the people that we met last year.

Rescuing an Orphan in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Oct 1, 2007 -

Since leaving my home in the UK and joining my husband Ian in Sierra Leone, I have been working at the Shepherd’s Hospice in the capital city of Freetown. The hospice is situated on the east side of the city, a poverty-stricken area which was badly affected by the terrible civil war of the late 1990s. The hospice was established to try and provide palliative care services for people dying from life-threatening illnesses, such as AIDS, tuberculosis, and cancer.

Living Out a Dream—in Malawi! Malawi
Oct 1, 2007 -

As a little girl, I knew that my life-long dream and goal was to help many people in many different ways. Since becoming a teacher seven years ago, I have had the opportunity to help 140+ American children learn basic academic and life skills. Four years ago, I was asked to be part of a COTN Education Team that would teach in Malawi, Africa. At first, I was hesitant to answer the call. Africa??? Now I look forward to teaching there every summer!

Dominican Republic Container Loaded and On Its Way! United States
Sep 24, 2007 -

Thanks to everyone who volunteered last month to pack shipping containers destined for our ministry in the Dominican Republic. We were able to send 49,000 lbs. of donated supplies, including:

The 2007 Some Kind of Miracle Benefit Celebrations United States
Aug 15, 2007 -

Our 2007 Some Kind of Miracle “Now I Can Dream” benefit season has come to a close. This year we hosted celebrations in Orlando, FL; Orange County, CA; Seattle, WA; and Bremerton, WA and had the opportunity to share COTN with many new faces.

Thank you to our COTN family and friends—new and old, for making this benefit season such a success.

Orlando Sentinel Reports on COTN in Malawi Malawi
Jul 22, 2007 -

Laura Brost, currently in Malawi with Summit Church and a reporter with the Orlando Sentinel, has been posting her thoughts and experiences to the Sentinel’s website. Over the past week, her team of 46 from Orlando’s Summit Church has been partnering with COTN-Malawi to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and to give children and adults an opportunity to be tested.

The 285K On Its Way Uganda
Jul 18, 2007 -

Pallets of 285K Meal Marathon food, which was packaged by volunteers last May, is on its way to Northern Uganda’s displacement camps. The food, along with shoes, clothing, an industrial stove, and various other supplies were tightly packed into a 40-foot shipping container on Tuesday, July 3rd as volunteers rallied at the COTN–USA headquarters in Silverdale, WA.

Help Us Purchase a Farm in Malawi Malawi
Jul 13, 2007 -

Last month, Tom Mambo (Malawi’s Acting Deputy Country Director), the board of trustees, and COTN President Chris Clark visited Chichere Farm (pronounced chee-CHAIR-ee), a 350-acre farm COTN has been given the opportunity to purchase.