Dominican Republic Container Loaded and On Its Way! United States
Sep 24, 2007 -

Thanks to everyone who volunteered last month to pack shipping containers destined for our ministry in the Dominican Republic. We were able to send 49,000 lbs. of donated supplies, including:

The 2007 Some Kind of Miracle Benefit Celebrations United States
Aug 15, 2007 -

Our 2007 Some Kind of Miracle “Now I Can Dream” benefit season has come to a close. This year we hosted celebrations in Orlando, FL; Orange County, CA; Seattle, WA; and Bremerton, WA and had the opportunity to share COTN with many new faces.

Thank you to our COTN family and friends—new and old, for making this benefit season such a success.

Orlando Sentinel Reports on COTN in Malawi Malawi
Jul 22, 2007 -

Laura Brost, currently in Malawi with Summit Church and a reporter with the Orlando Sentinel, has been posting her thoughts and experiences to the Sentinel’s website. Over the past week, her team of 46 from Orlando’s Summit Church has been partnering with COTN-Malawi to raise awareness for HIV/AIDS and to give children and adults an opportunity to be tested.

The 285K On Its Way Uganda
Jul 18, 2007 -

Pallets of 285K Meal Marathon food, which was packaged by volunteers last May, is on its way to Northern Uganda’s displacement camps. The food, along with shoes, clothing, an industrial stove, and various other supplies were tightly packed into a 40-foot shipping container on Tuesday, July 3rd as volunteers rallied at the COTN–USA headquarters in Silverdale, WA.

Help Us Purchase a Farm in Malawi Malawi
Jul 13, 2007 -

Last month, Tom Mambo (Malawi’s Acting Deputy Country Director), the board of trustees, and COTN President Chris Clark visited Chichere Farm (pronounced chee-CHAIR-ee), a 350-acre farm COTN has been given the opportunity to purchase.

TEN: Changing the Course of HIV/AIDS United States
Jun 15, 2007 -

Donate to the 10 Campaign

In his book, The Good News About Injustice, Gary Haugen writes that oftentimes, when we hear about injustice, starving children, or the victims of pandemics, we become so overwhelmed by the pain and suffering in the world that we become disillusioned and end up “like deer frozen by headlights.” We see the despair of millions, but we don’t know what to do because the task of relieving the suffering of millions of people seems like an insurmountable mountain that cannot be climbed.

The 2007 Summer Interns Depart United States
Jun 15, 2007 -

The money is raised, the bags are packed, and the flights are booked. This summer is a big summer for many college students and staff here at Children of the Nations (COTN).

Country Updates Online United States
May 3, 2007 -

Now you can keep up with all of the recent updates in each of our countries. Each month, we will be posting the latest updates, prayer requests, and praises so that you can know how to best support the ongoing efforts in each of our countries.

Here are the pages for each country:

Dominican Republic


Sierra Leone



COTN Receives Another 4-Star Rating! United States
Apr 5, 2007 -

We recently received the great news that we have again received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest charity evaluator. This is our third consecutive 4-star rating. According to a Charity Navigator spokesperson:

New Land in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Apr 2, 2007 -

Approximately 100 acres of land in the Mosenessi area of Lower Banta was recently gifted to COTN! Sierra Leone Country Director Angie Myles and her husband Joe were looking to buy a small piece of land on which to build a church, as there was none in the area—but the chief refused their money. He would not take money from COTN, “who has done so much for us!” Angie and Joe are using their money to erect a temporary church. Pray for provision of funds to erect a permanent structure.