Following God's Leading—to Malawi! Malawi
Nov 15, 2007 -

Moving to Malawi has continued to be one of the most exciting and challenging experiences of our life together. We are continually forced to let go of our wants, our expectations, our hopes and our “western standards” to accept the culture of this country. We’ve been preparing for this time since October of last year and the journey has been one of remarkable answers to prayer in unimaginable ways and also a fair share of bumps and bruises.

The Origin of the Dominican Batey Dominican Republic
Algodon, a batey in the Dominican Republic
Nov 14, 2007 -

COTN’s ministry in the Dominican Republic began in the summer of 1997 when we first came alongside the village of Algodon—a Haitian batey (pronounced BAH-tay). A batey (plural bateyes) is a shanty-town camp where sugarcane cutters live. Bateyes are found only in Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

In Memory of Pastor Sorie Morrah Sierra Leone
Nov 14, 2007 -

[date unknown] 1976 – October 3, 2007

Student Shares COTN with California Teens United States
Nov 14, 2007 -

In 2005, fourteen-year-old Katie Booth visited Malawi, Africa as part of a Children of the Nations Venture Team. Katie recalls, “When I stepped off the plane in Malawi, I felt like I was coming home.” While in Malawi she visited COTN’s feeding programs, orphanages, and medical clinics.

Tropical Storm Noel Restoration Effort Dominican Republic
Nov 7, 2007 -

Tropical Storm Noel hit the Dominican Republic hard and fast last week leaving flooding and devastation in its wake. People in our villages were displaced, evacuated and suffered the loss of much of their livelihood.

Thankfully, all lives in our villages were spared and all our children are safe. Now we are asking everyone in our USA family to help our DR families reestablish their lives. Here is how you can help right now:

Malawi, Africa—Post-Trip Reflections Malawi
Nov 1, 2007 -

From Florida to Malawi—we had arrived! I ducked my head to exit the dusty vehicle and stepped down on orange dirt. But there was no time for me to get my bearings in this Malawi village before children engulfed me—grasping my hands two and three at a time and looking up into my face, meeting my gaze with theirs and my smile with their wide and joyful ones. They have no need to communicate with words—touch is enough for them and became the language we adopted for the week we were there to help.

Tropical Storm Noel Turns Deadly in the DR Dominican Republic
Oct 30, 2007 -

Tropical Storm Noel has turned deadly as it hit the Dominican Republic yesterday, killing at least 20 people, while dozens more are unaccounted for as flooding and mudslides plague the region. Heavy rains continue to deluge the Dominican Republic, forcing evacuation from many of the low-lying bateys, including communities COTN ministers to. Little change in Noel’s strength is forecast during the next 24 hours. The National Hurricane Center expects Noel to briefly become a hurricane later in the week as it approaches southeast Florida.

Full-Time Care to Begin in Uganda Uganda
Oct 30, 2007 -

Last month we entered the final stage prior to opening the doors of our first Children’s Home in Uganda. We are awaiting final sign-off from the government! Meanwhile, we are interviewing and hiring necessary staff (house parents, cooks, etc.) and furnishing our homes, readying them for our children.

Evangelizing with the JESUS film Malawi
Oct 26, 2007 -

This summer, after one week of getting oriented to the Malawian culture for the first time, I had an opportunity to accompany the older children of Mtsiliza village to evangelize in a nearby smaller village. Since this was my first trip to Malawi, I did not have a clue as to what to expect and was excited to watch and learn!

ECHO Seed Project: Interns Get Science and Technology Involved to Help End Hunger Sierra Leone
Oct 26, 2007 -

Some say that the Moringa tree could end poverty. Its leaves are loaded with protein, calcium, most vitamins, and when used medicinally can treat many illnesses. The Moringa also produces pods which can be used to purify water and detoxify the body. Moreover, the Moringa is extremely resilient and grows in various parts of the world including India, the Phillipines, Brazil, Haiti, and West Africa. The funny thing is you’ve probably never heard of this amazing tree.