COTN's Country Leaders Visit the US United States
Apr 28, 2008 -

For the first time ever, our ministry leaders from each of our four countries were able to come to the US—all at the same time! The international visit kicked off with our 2008 Homecoming Celebration (an annual event where all COTN–USA staff, including our Florida and California satellite staff, are able to come together for a time of strategizing, training, and planning).

Raising COTN's Voice through Radio Malawi
Mar 24, 2008 -

Last year, we broke ground on an exciting project in Malawi—KaJAMbula Studio, a recording studio, complete with radio broadcasting capabilities, at our Njewa Ministry Center. (Kajambula means “recording” in Chichewa, a tribal language of Malawi.) Today, the studio is nearing completion and will soon to be up-and-running. A recording studio in Africa? What does that have to do with raising children who transform nations? A lot!

Phoebe Clark (2001 – 2008) Sierra Leone
Mar 24, 2008 -

On Wednesday, February 27, 2008, Phoebe Clark, one of our precious children in Sierra Leone, went to be with her Savior at the age of six. Phoebe’s six years on this earth were not easy. She was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that causes physical disability, permanently affecting body movement and muscle coordination. Phoebe’s full mental capacity was never known.

Our First Coin Banks in Florida United States
Mar 24, 2008 -

COTN’s Florida satellite office brought on our first volunteer Coin Bank Manager, Cathie Mannion. Since then Cathie helped organize our first push to place Coin Banks in the greater Orlando area. Three weeks ago we had a team of ten people from Summit Church (one of our biggest partners in Florida) that ventured into the local community to place Coin Banks in different establishments. In three hours, this team was able to place THIRTEEN Coin Banks!!

Uganda Moves toward Peace Deal Uganda
Mar 14, 2008 -

Uganda’s government and LRA rebels sign the last in a series of documents ahead of a final peace agreement.

More information available on the BBC website.

Village Assistance Program Has a New Name! United States
Mar 10, 2008 -

COTN’s Village Partnership Program (formerly known as our Village Assistance Program) has a new name more aptly suited to the goals of the program—which is to build sustainability, not dependence, in our targeted villages. The name change came about from the revelation that the term assistance denotes that the recipient is passive, whereas the term partnership carries an active connotation—assuming both parties contribute to the success of the program. And true partnership, indeed, is what we seek through this program.

A New Parcel of Property in Malawi Malawi
Feb 28, 2008 -

Recently, COTN was gifted with a 10-acre parcel of property in the village of Chirombo in Malawi. Chirombo, a village of 1,000+ is the newest community added to our Village Partnership Program in Malawi. At our first open enrollment, 375 children were enrolled in our program, though many more children live in this village and the surrounding communities.

New Farm Manager in Malawi Malawi
Feb 25, 2008 -

Welcome to Foderick Kapalanga, our new farm manager at Chichere Farm in Malawi. Foderick officially took on this new role February 1, 2008, replacing former farm manager Lorrie Muggleton who recently fulfilled his one-year commitment and returned to South Africa with his wife and sons. Foderick comes to us with twenty-three years of farming experience. He graduated from Bunda College of Agriculture in Lilongwe, Malawi in 1985 and has a multitude of experience managing a variety of crops and farms 2,000+ acres.

Tropical Storm Noel Restoration Effort Update Dominican Republic
Feb 19, 2008 -

Last November, the Dominican Republic took a direct hit by Tropical Storm Noel—flooding villages, washing away homes and buildings, and leaving devastation in its wake. Through the help of COTN staff and supporters we continue our Restoration Effort. Funds raised to date continue to be used to meet the most urgent needs: replacing mattresses and other household items, purchasing building materials to repair/replace roofs, and rebuilding homes that were completely destroyed.

A New Parcel of Property in Uganda Uganda
Feb 19, 2008 -

COTN–UG recently purchased a two-acre parcel of property not far from our ministry site in Lira. Plans for the property include the building of a school and two children’s homes which would allow us to bring an additional 24 orphans into our full-time care. The school would also provide educational opportunities for the children in the surrounding communities. Currently, the closest school is two miles away.