A Summer Camp Update Sierra Leone
Sep 3, 2008 -

New friends were made, the gospel was preached, and the fun, games, and activity kept children going all day. The COTN summer camp in Sierra Leone had all the elements of an unforgettable two weeks.

Nearly 500 children gathered at the COTN site in Banta Mokelleh, Sierra Leone between July 27 and August 9 for an evangelistic summer camp.

The Evangelist – N'Gardi Bangalee Sierra Leone
Aug 22, 2008 -

N’Gardi Bangalee is known as “the evangelist” at COTN in Banta Mokelleh, Sierra Leone. She’s called that because she is one. “I think I cannot only keep the Word of the Lord to myself. I have to share with others,” says fifteen-year-old N’Gardi.

But N’Gardi hasn’t always been so outspoken about her faith. It wasn’t until COTN’s first summer camp in 2004 that the sweet-natured, joyful teenager realized it was her responsibility to tell others about Jesus. She was just eleven years old at the time.

Serving in the DR – Intern Jessica Wise Dominican Republic
Aug 22, 2008 -

As a freshman in college Jessica Wise made a promise to herself that she would devote all of her college summers to serving in missions. Little did she know then that she would spend all three summers in the Dominican Republic as part of the Children of the Nations Internship Program. Jessica was first introduced to COTN by the campus ministry that she attended at the College of Idaho.

Staff Spotlight – Jimmy Mao, COTN–Uganda Chief Driver Uganda
Aug 22, 2008 -

Jimmy Mao is fluent in nine different languages. He has thirteen years of civil engineering experience. He has adopted thirteen children. While impressive, these numbers only begin to tell the inspirational story of Jimmy Mao, the Chief Driver for Children of the Nations (COTN) in Lira, Uganda. Through years of civil war in his country and LRA terrorist attacks on his home and his family, Jimmy has learned that his survival and livelihood have always been in God’s hands.

Parable of the Broken Pencil Malawi
Aug 22, 2008 -

When I went to grade school, students sat in desks. The walls were decorated with colorful posters and samples of students’ work. We had books, pencils, and crayons, and everyone ate lunch at the break.

Seeing is Believing—Experiencing Missions Firsthand Dominican Republic
Aug 22, 2008 -

“Unless I see…I won’t believe.” – John 20:25, The Message

There’s amazing power in seeing.

Over the years, God has positioned me in places where I could get a clearer picture of who He is and what truly breaks His heart. Recently, I came on staff with COTN and had the opportunity to go to the Dominican Republic where we are partnering to transform the lives of children.

Excerpts from Letters from our Children Sierra Leone
Aug 22, 2008 -

Patricia Komeh
12-year-old from one of our children’s homes in Banta Mokelleh, Sierra Leone

“Our school garden is near our school. It is wide and long and it is divided into little portions and each class has a portion. We plant cassava, tomatoes, corn and beans in our own area! The crops are growing well because we water them every morning. Very soon they will be ready to harvest. After harvesting we shall store some of the crops and sell the rest. We shall use the money to buy more tools because we want to have a bigger garden next year.”

Day of the African Child Sierra Leone
Aug 22, 2008 -

When droves of African children are seen walking to school in their bright African attire, it usually means one thing: it’s the Day of the African Child. The COTN children in Sierra Leone celebrated the event on June 16. Their special clothing, made of native fabrics boasting bright colors and designs, was washed and ironed for the big day and worn proudly to school. The celebrated day remembers a group of brave black South African children who protested against the white South African government during the Soweto Uprising in 1976.

Village Outreach in Malawi – Muzu Village Malawi
Aug 22, 2008 -

The village of Muzu in Malawi is one of three villages being reached through the recent development of Sports Ministry in Lilongwe. We began this summer as the first interns to minister to Muzu, and we definitely had a challenge ahead of us.

Summer Medical Ministry Update Uganda
Aug 22, 2008 -

I left northern Uganda last year burdened with the knowledge that these amazing people have indeed been wounded. Not just emotionally, but physically as well. The internal trauma caused by the decades-long struggle against the Lord’s Resistance Army competed with external sores and scars. The treatment area was always lined with rows of children five or six deep, and both time and supplies were limited.