New Partnership with Loveless Apparel! United States
Sep 24, 2008 -

We are excited to announce our recent partnership with Loveless Apparel (“More LOVE LESS hate. More LOVE LESS oppression. More LOVE LESS hunger”). Loveless will be hosting our online apparel store and will be the exclusive online distributor of COTN apparel.

Four Containers Arrive in Sierra Leone! Sierra Leone
Sep 24, 2008 -

Four containers full of food and supplies that were shipped to Sierra Leone last June have safely arrived. COTN–SL Country Director Angie Myles reports that the initial shipment has already been transported to our ministry site in Banta Mokelleh. “The first shipment included what was most urgently needed—100 cartons of packaged meals, several dozen large bags of rice, 60 student chairs, 30 student desks, 200 cartons of school supplies, various medical supplies, and 100 cases of Dove shampoo. The remaining inventory will be sorted and trucked to Banta in the coming weeks.

Missionary Spotlight: Scott and Kelly Hampton Dominican Republic
Sep 24, 2008 -

It was a love for children that brought Scott and Kelly Hampton together. And now, that same love motivates them each day as they minister with Children of the Nations. Scott and Kelly are serving with COTN as associates for two years in the Dominican Republic.

The Hamptons met during a children’s ministry internship at their church in 2001, and were married a couple years later. This young couple from the Pacific Northwest recently celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary.

A Widow's Story Malawi
Sep 24, 2008 -

At twenty-four, Elita is a mother of four—and already a widow. Jennifer Keltner, COTN–USA Intern Ministry Director, served this last summer in Malawi and had the opportunity to get to know Elita.

Holding Hands Malawi
Sep 24, 2008 -

The children in the villages of Malawi loved to hold our hands. Several children would spread apart my fingers, each grasping a pinkie or thumb so that more could crowd in. They chattered and giggled non-stop, skipping alongside me as I strolled through their dusty neighborhoods.

They were beautiful and joyous. They were also very dirty.

The Joy of Meeting a Sponsor Malawi
Sep 24, 2008 -

When Danny Vaughn left for a Venture Trip to Malawi this summer, he had no idea what God had in store for him.

During a visit to the village of Mgwayi, Danny was walking through an open field of dirt and rocks, just trying to take it all in. A group of around twenty-five children eager to make friends surrounded him and his team members.

Spotlight on Staff: Thomas Ojok (COTN–Uganda) Uganda
Sep 24, 2008 -

Thomas Ojok, better known as “Uncle Thomas,” lives in a Children of the Nations’ orphanage in Lira, Uganda with twenty-nine orphaned children. Thomas is there nearly all hours of the day, every day of the week. “They can come to me with any need,” he explains with a proud smile. His position as “Uncle” (a live-in houseparent) is one of great influence, and he serves as a parent and friend to the children.

Some Kind of Miracle Online Registration Now Open United States
Sep 22, 2008 -

Our Some Kind of Miracle benefit season is upon us! Join us this October/November for our annual benefit celebration—this year’s theme “Look at me Now.” Online registration for events in Washington, California, and Florida is now available.

Click here for more information.

Aftermath of Hurricane Ike Dominican Republic
Sep 22, 2008 -

Earlier this month, Hurricane Ike brought devastation to Haiti, but by God’s grace passed over the Dominican Republic with little damage aside from rain and minor flooding. The villages of Los Robles and Don Bosco were protected, as were our staff, our vocational skills center, and most of the communities near Barahona. Algodon experienced the most flooding but was thankfully protected from devastating damage. Mud and water cleanup and damage to retaining walls were the extent of the damage reported.

Hurricane Ike Hits the Dominican Republic! Dominican Republic
Sep 8, 2008 -

Hurricane Ike has hit the Dominican Republic!