Malawi Families Improve Health Through W.A.S.H. Program Malawi
Oct 16, 2017 -

Worldwide, the leading cause of death for children under five is water and sanitation related diseases. In the communities COTN serves, that number continues to decrease thanks in part to the W.A.S.H. program, which educates families about three crucial areas of health—water, sanitation, and hygiene.

Want to see how it works? Here’s a peek into several of the villages COTN serves in Malawi. These families are embracing new methods and seeing positive results!

“I Think This Girl is Going to Change the Future of Uganda”: Monica’s Story Uganda
Young Monica
Oct 15, 2017 -

Kristen Marks, COTN’s Uganda liaison, says, “You know those people who you’re just really impressed by, and the more you get to know them and the more you see them in action, the more impressed you are by them? Monica is one of those people for me, but the thing about Monica is she’s a 16-year-old girl.”

One Church, One Village: Give Your Church’s Missions a Meaningful Impact United States
Children in Los Robles
Oct 9, 2017 -

“We feel that God placed Los Robles in our view, and it’s a path we’re all very willing to follow,” says Pat Minnesang, COTN partner and member of Presbyterian Church of the Master (PCOM).

A Passion for Education: Rebecca, Promise, and Sarah's Journey Sierra Leone
Malawi teachers with Isata
Oct 9, 2017 -

Last year, three COTN graduates from Malawi—Promise, Sarah, and Rebecca—traveled across Africa to teach at COTN’s school in Banta, Sierra Leone. Just the fact that they are Malawian women with university degrees makes them exceptional. But it’s their courage and their hearts for service that make them truly remarkable.

More Photos from Camp in Malawi (Leadership Camp) Malawi
Mountain top
Oct 5, 2017 -

Thank you for joining the team of people who made summer camps possible for students in Malawi!

Photos from Your Child's Camp in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Oct 3, 2017 -

Thank you for joining the team of people who made summer camps possible for children in the Dominican Republic! The donations you and other sponsors gave through our Easter card fundraiser earlier this year provided the resources needed to make summer camps a special time for the children.

Photos from Your Child’s Camp in Malawi Malawi
Fun with balloons
Oct 2, 2017 -

Camp photos are always fun. But this year’s camps in Malawi were special.

Patricia's Story: "COTN Has Shown Me How to Love" Sierra Leone
Oct 2, 2017 -
“Before COTN, my day was not too happy,” Patricia says. She lived in the Shebuma Faluwo Chiefdom in Sierra Leone with her aunt, who couldn’t always afford food or school fees for all the children in her care. When Patricia could go to school, she spent the rest of her day in the market to make money to pay for school. If it was a good day, she could eat two meals. This was her life until she was seven years old. 
Then, because of your giving and God’s grace, COTN changed her life. 
How Well Do You Know Uganda? (Fun Quiz) Uganda
An image of the Ugandan flag
Sep 26, 2017 -
1. What is the name of Uganda's capital city? 
a. Nairobi
b. Kigali
c. Dodoma
d. Kampala
Hurricane Maria Updates Dominican Republic
Sep 19, 2017 -

Children of the Nations is monitoring the path of Hurricane Maria near the Dominican Republic. Please check back here daily for updates. 


Monday, September 25, 11:50 a.m. PDT:

There continues to be a lot of rain, but thankfully, no strong winds or heavy flooding, which in the past has caused the most damage. COTN staff continues to monitor the river, but so far, this has not reached dangerous levels.