6 Ways Your Families Can Make a Difference for Christmas United States
Volunteers at a meal packing event
Dec 10, 2019 -

Does your family want to spread the joy of the Christmas season by serving others? Here are six ways to make a difference and make your family’s Christmas more meaningful during the holidays: 

10 Best Photos from Camp this Summer Sierra Leone
Kids in Malawi finished their camp with a day-trip to a pool.
Sep 25, 2019 -
As summer fades and school begins across the world, the children we serve have much to look back on and be thankful for.
Sponsors went above and beyond this year, providing for thousands of children to attend camps in Malawi, Sierra Leone, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.
Follow a Missionary’s Journey from Malawi to Haiti Haiti
Sep 18, 2019 -
Today, you have the opportunity to hear from Steven Mizecki as he shares his missionary experiences. Steven is a Children of the Nations–Malawi graduate who is now serving as a missionary in Haiti.
We had the chance to interview him when he visited Children of the Nations headquarters this summer and he was excited to tell you how God is building His Kingdom through your faithful gifts and prayers.


How a Group of Quilters is Wrapping Children in Comfort United States
Fifi and a quilt she made
Aug 14, 2019 -
Sometimes, the best way to serve others is by doing the thing you love the most.
Fifi Dickey has been sewing since she was a child. She studied interior design and enjoys combining colors and patterns. “It relaxes me,” she explains.
The Language of a Better Africa: How One Student is Ready to Take on Pollution, Addiction, and Women's Issues Sierra Leone
Young Patrick in Sierra Leone
Aug 8, 2019 -
Patrick Vandi has done many things that he never dreamed of being able to do: he is in university, he’s applying for law school, and this summer, he was selected to attend a prestigious leadership conference.
9 Bite-Sized Pieces of Good News that Prove the World Becoming is a Better Place Uganda
Jul 30, 2019 -
If you pay much attention to the news, you might be feeling bummed out about the state of the world. But what if we told you that there’s more to the story? That the world is actually getting better?  
A Blessing That Goes Both Ways: Sponsors Meet Their Sponsored Child After 18 Years! United States
Steven and the Kitsap County Clerks, his sponsors for 14 years
Jul 24, 2019 -


They stood behind the security checkpoint, hands clasped, tears welling up in their eyes, staring at the face that had smiled from their file cabinets, fridges, and bulletin boards for the last two decades.


Wordless Wednesday: Summer Fun Malawi
A child wearing oversized sunglasses
Jul 3, 2019 -
Do you need a hump day pick-me-up? Something to make you smile? Something to get you in the mood for the summer?
Children of the Nations is here to help! Enjoy these adorable photos of children rocking some sunglasses—we dare you not to smile!
How Well Do You Know Malawi? (Fun Quiz) Malawi
Malawian flag
Jun 23, 2019 -
1. July 6 is Malawi’s Independence Day. From which European country did Malawi declare its independence?
     a. France
     b. Spain
     c. Belgium
     d. the United Kingdom 
Angelina Was Homeless, But You Are Sending Her to College Dominican Republic
May 16, 2019 -
Angelina knew she would have to work hard to achieve her dreams. She was born in Altagracia, an impoverished batey in the Dominican Republic. A batey is a shantytown originally built for migrant sugarcane workers. Within the batey, Angelina lived with her mother and seven siblings in a tiny house.