Photos from COTN's 20th Anniversary Gala in Seattle United States
Oct 19, 2015 -

In 1995, Chris and Debbie Clark, founders of Children of the Nations, felt led to help children around the world in dire need of assistance.

Opportunity Cost and the Kingdom of God United States
Oct 14, 2015 -

The following is a guest post from COTN partner Ben Garrison.

"[The Kingdom of God] will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each according to his ability..." - Matthew 25:14,15

Alba Scores Highest in her Nation! Dominican Republic
Oct 6, 2015 -

The news came by email. Alba had the highest score not just in her class, not just in her region, but in her entire country. She surpassed 135,504 other eighth graders, earning the top mark on her final exam.

A Playground with Purpose Malawi
Sep 23, 2015 -

The team stepped off the bus and looked around at the huge, empty piece of land that would soon become a playground for the children in Chirombo, Malawi. Shannon Martin had been waiting to do this project for two years.

Photos from Camp in Malawi Malawi
Sep 15, 2015 -

Camp is often a time to go deeper in your faith. In Malawi this summer, that was exactly the theme. Thanks to your generous gifts, younger sponsored children attended day camps, and older children attended an overnight camp where they learned what it means to be "deeply rooted" in Christ. While they were doing it, they had a blast! Check out some of the photos from this summer:


Photos from COTN's 20th Anniversary Gala in Orlando United States
Sep 14, 2015 -

In 1995, Chris and Debbie Clark, founders of Children of the Nations, felt led to help children around the world in dire need of assistance. Twenty years later, they are celebrating the lives that have been touched thanks to all of you who have joined in this mission.

The first of three COTN 20th anniversary galas was held Saturday, Sept. 12, at Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. The evening included dinner, guest speakers, an anniversary video, and an entertaining dessert dash. We hope you enjoy these photos from the event.



Watching My Sponsored Child Graduate from College Sierra Leone
Sep 9, 2015 -

Before 2011, I was unfamiliar with Children of the Nations. But I knew I was called to be involved with an organization whose vision is to pour into the lives of children. So that year, I joined a COTN Venture team headed to Sierra Leone. 

Photos from Camp in Haiti Haiti
Sep 8, 2015 -

Camp in Haiti was great this year! The children spent several days having Bible studies, singing songs, and playing games at our ministry center, learning what it means to let their lives reflect God's glory.

The camp ended with a trip to the beach, a very exciting outing for the children. Here are some photos of the fun:


"I Will Pass On What You Have Given Me": Francisco's Story Malawi
Sep 3, 2015 -

Francisco remembers the last straw. He was eight years old and there was no food in the house. The walk to school was long. He couldn’t do it anymore. 

Your Next Right Thing Dominican Republic
Aug 31, 2015 -

My first day in the Dominican Republic was overwhelming. The poverty was staggering. The discrepancy between what they have and what I have was sobering. The sheer number of kids and families who need support was paralyzing. The quantity of visible needs was disheartening.