Staring Down a Crisis, COTN Supporters Rally to Block Ebola Sierra Leone
Feb 1, 2016 -

It’s easy to browse your news feed, read about horrific situations around the world, feel sorry for the people affected, and keep scrolling. Being inundated with negative news makes this cycle even easier.

Nine-Year-Old Uses Art to Tackle Poverty United States
Jan 21, 2016 -

Nine-year-old Nate Lander has seen poverty first hand. But unlike many adults who feel overwhelmed by the need, Nate has decided to do something about it.

Photos from Christmas in Haiti Haiti
Jan 11, 2016 -

Christmas in Haiti was filled with many special treats for the children. They participated in songs, dances, and skits, and recited poems, all to celebrate Christ's birth.

Photos from Christmas in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Jan 11, 2016 -

Thanks to your generosity, Christmas for the children in Sierra Leone was wonderful! This Christmas is extra special because the threat of Ebola has finally lifted. Everyone was in the mood to celebrate!

In the Children’s Home, the children attended a Christmas Eve candlelight service and as a special treat for dinner, Dave Keller, COTN’s construction specialist for Sierra Leone, slaughtered one of his goats and four chickens for a barbecue.

Photos from Christmas in Uganda Uganda
Jan 5, 2016 -

Christmas was exciting in Uganda!

Photos from Christmas in Malawi Malawi
Jan 5, 2016 -

The 2015 Christmas celebrations in Malawi were a hit! Thanks to the generosity of their sponsors, the children in our Village Partnership Program, Children’s Homes, and the University Program had a wonderful Christmas.

For their Christmas party, the children performed skits and dances while a DJ played their favorite songs. They ate a special meal of rice and beef and really enjoyed getting to drink soda with their supper!

This year the children received new clothes for Christmas. They enjoyed modeling their new outfits for the camera.

Photos from Christmas in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Jan 4, 2016 -

The 2015 Christmas parties at our five Village Partnerships in the Dominican Republic were full of joy, happiness, and blessings! Approximately 1,200 children had the chance to participate in the parties, all thanks to COTN sponsors!

Photos from Summer Camp in Uganda Uganda
Dec 30, 2015 -

In Uganda, the school year goes from February to November, with "summer break" coming in December and January. Last month, in COTN's Anai-Okii Village Partnership Program in Uganda, every sponsored child had the opportunity to attend a special "summer" camp thanks to generous gifts from sponsors. And they had a great time!

How do you define beauty? Dominican Republic
Dec 17, 2015 -

"How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news." Romans 10:15 

An Unlikely Success Story: Baby Sarah's Birth Sierra Leone
Dec 7, 2015 -

Sierra Leone is one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth. One in every 50 women who becomes pregnant will die in childbirth. Her baby is even less likely to make it.