What is Sustainability? United States
Jul 1, 2015 -

Sustainability is a buzz word these days, but what does it really mean? Meet our new Director of Sustainable Practices, Cheryl Cuthbertson. Children of the Nations (COTN) is blessed to have her experience and passion leading us in this area. Cheryl just returned from Malawi and Uganda and is full of ideas. She sat down with me and answered some questions we all have about sustainable development.

Photos of Camp in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Jun 23, 2015 -

Thanks to the generousity of sponsors, every child in our Dominican Republic sponsorship program had the opportunity to attend camp this summer. We were so excited to be able to send our older students away for a weekend of discipleship, mentoring, bonding, and games. Younger children participated in a day camp at our ministry site. Here are some photos of what you and other sponsors made possible for the children!

Six Tips for Doing Short-Term Missions Right United States
Jun 22, 2015 -

A short-term mission trip is a great way to better understand a foreign culture and to renew your passion to help people in need. But when you're dealing with cultures that are so different from your own, it's not always easy to know how to help without hurting. Follow these six tips to get started on the right foot with short-term missions!

Being a Spiritual Parent to Children All Over the World Uganda
Jun 18, 2015 -

Having children was a struggle for my wife and me. When we were finally able to conceive, it was a huge answer to prayer. I think because of this—and I don’t want to say this wrong—but in a way, we have viewed having children with a greater sense of gratefulness than maybe someone who didn’t struggle through the same things as we did. 

Photos of Our First COTN Wedding Malawi
Jun 17, 2015 -

On June 13, 2015, the newest branch of the COTN family was added! Olivia, who lost her parents at a young age and grew up in COTN's Children's Homes, married Ryson, her college classmate. 

Thirty-Five Students Celebrate the Completion of High School in Malawi Malawi
Jun 8, 2015 -

On Saturday, June 6, 35 Malawian high school seniors celebrated the end of their high school studies at Children of the Nations' International Christian Academy. Finishing high school is a rare and prestigious accomplishment for any child in Malawi, where drop-out rates are high due to school costs, teenage marriages, and other social pressures. You could feel the excitement and sense of accomplishment in the air as these young students celebrated this milestone.

When God Says "Yes," It's a Promise: David Graduates from College Malawi
Jun 8, 2015 -

It’s been 20 years since COTN opened its doors with a bold mission: “raising children who transform nations.” Twenty years is a critical milestone—the children who first entered COTN’s care so many years ago are all grown up. Now we can answer the big question: is COTN achieving its goal?

You Are the Church Uganda
Jun 4, 2015 -

On a recent trip to Malawi and Uganda this past March, I was bestowed the great honor of being a guest speaker at a three-day conference that led up to the grand opening of a new COTN¬Uganda church plant and school chapel.

Photo Journey: Follow the Clarks across Africa Uganda
Jun 2, 2015 -

Children of the Nations founders Chris and Debbie Clark are spending some time in Uganda and Malawi this spring. They've had a great time visiting the children and working with COTN's in-country staff to continue providing the best possible care for the children. It's been a busy trip, but such a blessing at the same time.

Chris and Debbie have shared some of the highlights of their journey in the photos below. We hope you enjoy this update from Africa!


A Miracle and a Shared Name Link Two Lives on Opposite Sides of the World Sierra Leone
May 29, 2015 -

What happens when a baby born deep in the jungle of Sierra Leone is named after you? A few things: great honor and joy, a new sense of responsibility, and two lives on opposite ends of the globe that are now tied together in an amazing yet complicated way.