Meet the Graduates: Maria's Story Malawi
Life was fragile for Maria and her siblings in Malawi
Jun 26, 2014 -

If you knew Maria's story, you'd realize why graduating from high school was an accomplishment beyond her wildest expectations.

Maria still can't believe it. On Sunday, June 29, she will graduate from high school. "I never knew that one day I'd be graduating from high school," she says, still amazed that this day has actually come. 

Wordless Wednesday: Mission Trips Dominican Republic
Jun 25, 2014 -

Summer is the season for mission trips (or, as we like to call them, Venture Trips). In the next few months, a lot of you will be traveling to Africa or the Caribbean to visit your sponsored child, provide medical care to kids, build roofs, share the gospel, and more.

What motivates you to go?

Fighting for Girls' Education in Uganda Uganda
Jun 24, 2014 -

It doesn't matter if you are only seven years old. In many families in Uganda, if you are the oldest girl, you are in charge of caring for the younger children. Even when you're supposed to be in school. 

Building a School in the African Jungle Sierra Leone
Jun 23, 2014 -

School is out for the day, but the children are all still working. They roll a little piece of cloth over the crown of their head and one by one, they help each other stack heavy red bricks on top. One, two, three, even four bricks high they stack them—as far as their hands can reach to steady them. The biggest boys take five.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Haiti Haiti
Tortuga Island
Jun 19, 2014 -

Haiti has a rich history and culture. Sometimes, when you see so much attention given to the country's poverty and other problems, it's easy to forget this. Here are 10 facts that will give you a new perspective on this unique Caribbean nation.

Wordless Wednesday: Nail Party Sierra Leone
Jun 18, 2014 -

It's amazing how a few bottles of nail polish and an hour or two can turn absolute strangers into the best of friends in Sierra Leone. Just don't touch your nice clothes with your freshly-painted nails, kids!

We're Better Together: Meal Packaging Changes Lives Here and in Africa United States
Families from The Well wanted to give a gift to the families in Fullerton
Jun 17, 2014 -

For years, Jeff Davis has been serving troubled neighborhoods in Fullerton, California. This area, just outside of Los Angeles, has long dealt with gang violence and drug trafficking, among other problems. But this spring, Jeff’s church, The Well, along with several other local churches, took part in a citywide day of service to get their community involved in something positive. The service day, called Love Fullerton, included about 60 different projects for helping others. 

A Witness to 15 Years of Transformation Dominican Republic
Today, Rosaniris is a high school graduate and plans to go on to university
Jun 16, 2014 -

Rosaniris was seven years old when her community changed completely. A Dominican batey made up of mostly Haitian immigrants with no citizenship, the community of Los Robles had no school, no water, and no other basic resources from the government. Children ran around with few to no clothes on and amused themselves by fighting or throwing rocks.

To My Dear Dad Malawi
Mphatso came to live in our Children's Homes when he was five years old
Jun 12, 2014 -

For Father's Day this year, we asked several of the children in our sponsorship program to tell us who they looked to as a father. Mphatso of Malawi lost his parents when he was four years old. But because of your care and support, he has a new family. An amazing couple who serve on staff at COTN treat him and his brothers and sisters at the Children's Home as their own.

Wordless Wednesday: Children Caring for Children Malawi
Children caring for children in Malawi
Jun 11, 2014 -

You see it all over Malawi: small children carrying smaller children. Sometimes they're just helping mom and dad. But all too often, they're filling the roles of parents who are out of the picture for one reason or another.