Olympic Gold Medalist David Wise Uses His Success to Help Children in Africa United States
Olympic gold medalist David Wise and his wife Alexandra in the Dominican Republi
Feb 19, 2014 -

David Wise, who skied a near-perfect run through sleet and fog to become the first-ever Olympic gold medalist in halfpipe skiing Tuesday in Sochi, has intrigued the media with his family values and squeaky clean image. 

Ten Minutes With Our New Sierra Leone Country Director Sierra Leone
Seeing Precious, who was homeless on the streets of Freetown before she came to
Feb 19, 2014 -

Every COTN staff member has a story about how God brought them to serve in this ministry. COTN–Sierra Leone's new country director is no exception. Mr. Sahr Yambasu sat down with me and my Venture Team one evening in Sierra Leone and answered some of our questions about his ministry and vision. 

God Chose My Sponsored Child for Me Malawi
Chelsea planned on choosing a child to sponsor when she went to Malawi.
Feb 18, 2014 -

Almost everyone on Chelsea’s Venture Trip to Malawi already sponsored a child there. At the team meetings and on the flights over, they gabbed cheerfully about what it would be like to reunite with their sponsored child or see them for the first time. But not Chelsea. She still didn’t know who she was there to meet. 

Love Risks United States
My sponsored child made the choice to walk away from the opportunities I helped
Feb 14, 2014 -

I sat on the plane to Sierra Leone, thought about meeting my sponsored child, and cried.

You see, a child I sponsored once broke my heart. 

Four Crafts Your Sponsored Child Will Love! United States
Create these three-dimensional flower bracelets with a few snips of your scissor
Feb 13, 2014 -

Believe it or not, spring is coming! In a few weeks, you will receive a personalized Easter card for your sponsored child in your mailbox. 

Recipes from Africa: Groundnut Stew Sierra Leone
Groundnut stew ingredients
Feb 10, 2014 -

Ever wonder what your sponsored child eats every day? If your child is from Sierra Leone, chances are this rich, fragrant peanut stew is part of their staple diet. Peanuts—or groundnuts, as they call them—are a major crop for small farmers in Sierra Leone. They are also a great source of protein!

Father and Son Climb Kilimanjaro to Help African Children United States
Uganda has been torn apart by poverty and war, but thanks to partners like you,
Feb 7, 2014 -

George Faucher has a dream—to help children in Uganda by climbing Africa’s highest mountain. Today, he and his son, Aaron, will begin an eight-day journey to scale Mount Kilimanjaro. They’re using the trip as a way of raising money to help Children of the Nations (COTN) send much-needed supplies to Africa.

My Day with a Malawian Family Malawi
Feb 6, 2014 -

Today I visited with a family in what is called cultural immersion training. I, along with my translator, Steve, went to visit a young mother named Lenia. She and her husband have three children—two daughters and one little boy. With Steve's help, we asked questions back and forth. That visit was nice, but it was only part of the adventure. 

A Life Full of Love: Marleny's Story Dominican Republic
Feb 4, 2014 -

Marleny has never known her father or her mother, and yet she says her life is full of love. How is this little orphan so full of life, love, and hope? The answer has to do with you—the Children of the Nations (COTN) family. 

Three Surprises Meeting My Sponsored Child Sierra Leone
Feb 3, 2014 -

I work for Children of the Nations, so I thought I knew what to expect when I went to meet my sponsored child. I've answered tons of questions about child sponsorship, written countless appeals for letters and love, and put together several stories about sponsors meeting their kids. But when the day came for me to actually meet my sponsored child, there were a lot of things that surprised me. Here's what I wasn't expecting: