To My Dear Dad Malawi
Mphatso came to live in our Children's Homes when he was five years old
Jun 12, 2014 -

For Father's Day this year, we asked several of the children in our sponsorship program to tell us who they looked to as a father. Mphatso of Malawi lost his parents when he was four years old. But because of your care and support, he has a new family. An amazing couple who serve on staff at COTN treat him and his brothers and sisters at the Children's Home as their own.

Wordless Wednesday: Children Caring for Children Malawi
Children caring for children in Malawi
Jun 11, 2014 -

You see it all over Malawi: small children carrying smaller children. Sometimes they're just helping mom and dad. But all too often, they're filling the roles of parents who are out of the picture for one reason or another.

Honoring the Father Figures in Our Children's Lives Uganda
Jun 10, 2014 -

For Father's Day, we asked some of the children to tell us about a father figure in their lives. Because so many of them have lost their parents, having adults in their lives who support them and who they can look up to is so important. Your support doesn't just provide children with resources like education, food, and clothing. You are also helping provide for the staff members who care for the children daily, often filling the roles of parents for them. 

Raising Nine Children in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Battu with her nine children (plus a few friends) in 2008
Jun 9, 2014 -

It's hard enough to imagine providing for nine children here in the United States. But imagine raising such a large family in a place with no school or hospital—and very few ways to earn a living. 

Celebrating One Year of Clean Water in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Jun 5, 2014 -

It was the dry season in Sierra Leone, which meant that everything involving water— bathing, washing clothes, cooking, and even drinking—was difficult for Mamie. 

Wordless Wednesday: Good Friends Uganda
Friends in Uganda
Jun 4, 2014 -

“Two are better than one … if either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10) 

Recipe from Haiti: Spicy Spaghetti Haiti
Spicy spaghetti from Haiti
Jun 3, 2014 -

Did someone say spaghetti for breakfast? This Haitian dish is typically served as the first meal of the day. But for those of us who can’t quite get on board with the thought of eating pasta for breakfast, this makes a tasty lunch or dinner. (Full disclosure: I chose to cook this for dinner.)

Follow Your Letter to Your Sponsored Child, Part Two United States
Letters are great ways to encourage your sponsored child and get to know them
Jun 2, 2014 -

Hi! My name is Reciprocal Letter, but you can call me RL. My friend, The Letter, introduced us last week. She’s staying in Malawi with her new owner, Grace, while I continue my journey from Malawi to my new owner’s home in Utah. Come along with me!

Follow Your Letter to Your Sponsored Child, Part One United States
It’s always exciting for the children when they receive your letters
May 29, 2014 -

Hello, I’m a letter from a sponsor in Utah. I’m going on a journey to Malawi, in Africa. Along the way I’ll be joined by a friend I call RL—a Reciprocal Letter for a sponsored child to write back to my owner. But I'm getting ahead of myself. You’ll get to hear about his trip later. Please join me on my journey.

Wordless Wednesday: Glimpses of Haiti Haiti
COTN staffer Malou Faublas comforts Jordani.
May 28, 2014 -

From the Dominican border, to the streets of Port-au-Prince, to some special moments with the children; this is a look inside Haiti.