Meet Our New Haiti Country Director Haiti
Marc is a soft-spoken, humble man
May 13, 2014 -

Marc Antoine Michel has been serving with COTN–Haiti since 2012, and has been our Haiti country director since last month. On a recent trip to the US, Marc Antoine sat down with me and shared the story of how God called him to give up his life to serve orphaned and impoverished children, and how he ended up at COTN. 

Cycling for Education: Team Sends African Students to College Malawi
“We did it! Three hundred and seventeen miles, all nine counties, four events"
May 12, 2014 -

What happens when four engineers, a writer, a teacher, a nonprofit worker, and a minister go on a six-day cycling trip? This isn’t the start of a bad joke! These intrepid cyclists toured Northern Ireland’s countryside with the goal of sending three African children to university. The trip turned out to be a ‘wheel’ success! The team has already raised money above and beyond their goal.

Representing the Voiceless Masses: George's Story Malawi
Drought and disease have greatly contributed to the poverty in Malawi
May 9, 2014 -

The George who sits down for an interview today is no longer the struggling 10-year-old who first entered Children of the Nations (COTN) sponsorship program. Today he’s a healthy, smiling 20-year-old standing at the cusp of his future, eager to work as a journalist and help his fellow Malawians who suffer from extreme poverty. “I want to represent the voiceless masses,” says George, “and make their cries heard.”

Seven Prayers for Your Sponsored Child United States
May 8, 2014 -

As I said last week, praying for your sponsored child is one of the best things you can do for him or her. So, I’ve created one week’s worth of prayer ideas based on Bible verses! 

Four Creative Prayer Prompts for You United States
Apr 30, 2014 -

One of the best things you can do for your sponsored child is pray for them. But it’s not always easy to know how. Your child is so far away, and honestly, our lives are busy. But we know how important prayer is, so here are a few creative prayer prompts for you and your family.

A City on a Hill: Danilo's New Home Blesses a Community Dominican Republic
The team with Danilo and his sisters, in front of their new home
Apr 28, 2014 -

Ever since the Thayer family saw their sponsored child's home, the difficulty of his situation has weighed heavily on their hearts. 

The Four-Year-Old Who Slept on the Street Uganda
Apr 25, 2014 -

Beatrice's favorite Bible story is that of Moses. This quiet six-year-old doesn't hesitate when asked why. "It teaches us that God protects us in difficult times until we reach our destiny," she says. 

Remembering Dale Carpenter: The Man Who Fed Thousands of Children United States
Dale was always raising money for charities
Apr 23, 2014 -

Familiar sounds fill the room at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church: laughter, the rustle of bags being filled with food, and the chant of “lentils, spice, chicken, rice!” But for the people here in Yakima, Washington, today is more than just their annual meal packaging event. Today they are remembering the life and work of Dale Carpenter, who was instrumental in making this ‘Feeding the 5,000’ event an annual affair.

God Made a Way Where There Was No Way: Alice's Story Malawi
Apr 21, 2014 -

Alice's mother died when she was three years old. "Since that day, my survival depended only on those who prayed for me and took pity on me, especially the COTN family," Alice says. 

The Man Behind the Mokpangumba School Sierra Leone
Mr. Foday on the river
Apr 17, 2014 -

If you make the long walk through jungle and farmlands to the river that separates the small village of Mokpangumba from every school and medical clinic in the area, a small, thin man with a huge smile will probably greet you in a dugout canoe.