Sponsorship Teaches Stiven About Love, Peace, and Respect Dominican Republic
Mar 27, 2014 -

Life is hard for boys like Stiven in the impoverished village of Pueblo Nuevo, Dominican Republic. In this part of the world, boys learn at an early age to be scrappy, act tough, and do whatever is necessary to survive. Stiven’s future did not look much better than his father’s, who works as a chiripero—someone who does odd jobs no one wants, including work as a freelance security guard protecting properties with only a machete. 

Follow Your Meals to Africa! United States
The children in Sierra Leone love the packaged meals
Mar 25, 2014 -

Have you ever packaged meals? Every year, thousands of you meet in churches, schools, and community centers to put together lentils, spice, chicken, and rice—the nutritious combination that helps feed thousands of hungry children in Africa and the Caribbean. But what happens to the meals once you seal up your packages?

Follow your meals and find out how they get to the children—and into their bellies!

A Refugee No More: Oscar of Uganda Uganda
Oscar wasn't really a refugee, but kids called him one because he was orphaned
Mar 24, 2014 -


How Sponsorship Made Me Beautiful: Christina's Story Malawi
The extra attention at COTN's remedial program has helped Christina blossom
Mar 21, 2014 -

No one thought Christina would be chosen. Only three representatives from the entire primary school were going to the reading competition, and eleven-year-old Christina was in the remedial class. 

Learning to Read in Sixth Grade Sierra Leone
Individualized attention is sometimes all these students need to catch up
Mar 20, 2014 -

Alieu had somehow made it to sixth grade without ever learning to read. He started school late, as many children in Sierra Leone do because their parents cannot afford school fees. By the time he was given the opportunity to attend Children of the Nations' school through COTN's child sponsorship program, it was hard for him to catch on.

A Good Roof Helps a Child More Than You Think Dominican Republic
A Venture Team worked with local community members to repair roofs
Mar 19, 2014 -

Santa Ramirez looked up at the sky and knew tonight would be difficult for her family. Soon it would begin raining, and the tin roof on their home in the Dominican Republic leaked badly. She would have to find enough dry places for all the beds, but with thirteen people crammed into one small home, that wasn’t an easy task. Tonight, no matter what Santa did, her children would end up cold and their belongings would be soaked by the rain. In the morning, they would go to school tired. 

Why Your Child Is Not Smiling United States
It can be disappointing to get a photo of your child looking upset
Mar 17, 2014 -

You know the feeling. You finally get an update from your sponsored child. You feel that there's a photo inside—so you rush to open it. Only to find that your child looks miserable. No smile. Again.

The Only Deaf Boy in the Village Sierra Leone
Mar 14, 2014 -

Alhaji and Mohamed sit in the resource library, waiting for their bus back to school. They wait silently, but every once in a while, when one of them has something to say, he signs to the other and smiles.

God Rescues Us from Our Affliction: Olga's Story Uganda
Mar 13, 2014 -

Ten-year-old Olga had the responsibilities of an adult. Her mother was too sick to do any housework, and Olga was the oldest girl, leaving her with the responsibility of running the house. 

Their Long Walk to School Sierra Leone
Mar 11, 2014 -

For Duramany and Mikailu, getting to school is quite a committment. They leave the village of Mokpangumba in Sierra Leone just after dawn to cross a river in a dugout canoe, then walk for about an hour through jungle and farmland to reach the Children of the Nations (COTN) junior secondary school in time for class.