I Must Tell My Story: Ireen Banda of Malawi Malawi
Aug 10, 2015 -

Sitting in the American camp office and laughing about campers and cultural differences, you couldn’t feel farther away from the harsh world Ireen paints with her stories. But they are her life—though it’s hard to believe this soft-spoken, confident, beautiful young Malawian woman was once fighting on the street for food to bring back to her abusive father and dying mother. 

It Takes a Village to Build a School Sierra Leone
Aug 3, 2015 -

Esther placed her load in the dugout canoe and prayed it wouldn’t sink. Sweat poured down her arms and face as she secured the bricks in the boat.

Summer Culture Shock: Malawi Students Serve at American Camp United States
Jul 29, 2015 -

A group of American children huddled around a young Malawian man in the dark cabin, enthralled with his stories. “You mean you have cars and houses in Africa?” one asked in disbelief. Their Malawian camp counselor wasn’t offended or hurt by their stereotypes. His huge grin turned into a long laugh. “Yes! We have them! We don’t all live in the bush!”

With God All Things are Possible: Promise's Graduation Story Malawi
Jul 27, 2015 -

“If it wasn’t for COTN, I would be married by now,” Promise begins her story.

Crossing Africa to Achieve a Dream: N'gardy Graduates from College Sierra Leone
Jul 22, 2015 -

Two years ago a young woman who had never even left her country set off on a journey across Africa. Her goal was to earn a college degree—an accomplishment both rare and difficult where she comes from. The path she took to get there certainly wasn’t typical. But then again, no former orphan girl from a remote village in Sierra Leone who earns a college degree could be called typical. 

Pick Up the Phone, God Is Calling You to Sponsor a Child Malawi
Jul 16, 2015 -

When I was a kid, our telephone was mounted to the wall in the kitchen; its long, curly cord almost touched the floor. We didn’t have an answering machine so when the phone rang, we answered. 

Every call was an invitation to live life, to adventure—just like the call Eugene Choi answered six years ago, in the middle of Malawi.
Born to Serve: Carolina Returns to Her Haitian-Dominican Community Dominican Republic
Jul 7, 2015 -

Kids growing up in Carolina’s community have one goal: to get out. 

What is Sustainability? United States
Jul 1, 2015 -

Sustainability is a buzz word these days, but what does it really mean? Meet our new Director of Sustainable Practices, Cheryl Cuthbertson. Children of the Nations (COTN) is blessed to have her experience and passion leading us in this area. Cheryl just returned from Malawi and Uganda and is full of ideas. She sat down with me and answered some questions we all have about sustainable development.

Photos of Camp in the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic
Jun 23, 2015 -

Thanks to the generousity of sponsors, every child in our Dominican Republic sponsorship program had the opportunity to attend camp this summer. We were so excited to be able to send our older students away for a weekend of discipleship, mentoring, bonding, and games. Younger children participated in a day camp at our ministry site. Here are some photos of what you and other sponsors made possible for the children!

Six Tips for Doing Short-Term Missions Right United States
Jun 22, 2015 -

A short-term mission trip is a great way to better understand a foreign culture and to renew your passion to help people in need. But when you're dealing with cultures that are so different from your own, it's not always easy to know how to help without hurting. Follow these six tips to get started on the right foot with short-term missions!