Twenty Years in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone
Feb 5, 2015 -

Jason Caldwell reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small memento from one of his first trips to Sierra Leone—a shell from an AK-47. Seventeen years later, he is bringing this remnant of his journey back to the country it came from, as a reminder of God's protection and plan.

What Makes a Gift Good? United States
Sponsor a child in Africa
Feb 4, 2015 -

Gifts are important. They show your sponsored child they are special and that you love them. But giving a gift to a child in an impoverished community with culture completely different from yours can be complicated.


COTN to Care for Orphans of Ebola Sierra Leone
Jan 29, 2015 -

Imagine watching your entire family die, one by one. 

Is it Safe? Your Five Biggest Questions About Your Mission Trip United States
To help you prepare for your mission trip, your Venture Team leader will guide y
Jan 28, 2015 -

So you’re going on a Venture Trip—that’s exciting! As you begin preparing for your trip to Africa or the Caribbean it’s only natural to have some questions and concerns about the country you will be working in. 

Fifth-Graders Fight Ebola United States
Jan 22, 2015 -

With energetic clamor, the fifth-grade class of Riverdale Elementary School in Orlando, Florida, settled in for their weekly Wednesday meeting. Their teacher, Jesi Luxon, lets them use this time to talk about whatever is on their minds.

Soccer Tournament Sponsors 24 Children in Sierra Leone United States
Jan 21, 2015 -

Four days before the 2015 Kitsap Cup soccer tournament, things looked grim. Only 13 teams had signed up. Volunteer tournament director Erin Bernard wondered if the event would raise enough money to continue sponsoring the 17 children in Sierra Leone they’ve supported for the past several years.

Ritah Finds Hope and a Home through Sponsorship Uganda
Jan 15, 2015 -

Ritah’s life was a challenge before she even opened her eyes. Her father died of malaria before she was born, leaving Ritah with only her mother for support and protection in her Ugandan village. Five years later, Ritah’s mother also passed away, and Ritah went to live with her aunt.

Your Four Biggest Questions about Your Child's Photo United States
Jan 14, 2015 -

Imagine the scene: It’s sponsorship photo day, and your child’s whole class is lined up outside. It's hot, and she is toward the back of the line. She's tired and a little nervous—she only gets her picture taken twice a year, so this is a big deal for her.

Update: Haiti Five Years after the Earthquake Haiti
Jan 12, 2015 -

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake. The disaster killed tens of thousands of people, displaced more than 1 million, and wreaked havoc on Haiti’s infrastructure and economy. 

Christmas Photos from Malawi Malawi
Jan 9, 2015 -

Thank you for making this such a great Christmas for our children in Malawi!