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Opportunity Cost and the Kingdom of God United States
Oct 14, 2015 -

The following is a guest post from COTN partner Ben Garrison.

"[The Kingdom of God] will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. To one he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags, and to another one bag, each according to his ability..." - Matthew 25:14,15

Photos from COTN's 20th Anniversary Gala in Orlando United States
Sep 14, 2015 -

In 1995, Chris and Debbie Clark, founders of Children of the Nations, felt led to help children around the world in dire need of assistance. Twenty years later, they are celebrating the lives that have been touched thanks to all of you who have joined in this mission.

The first of three COTN 20th anniversary galas was held Saturday, Sept. 12, at Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. The evening included dinner, guest speakers, an anniversary video, and an entertaining dessert dash. We hope you enjoy these photos from the event.



Summer Culture Shock: Malawi Students Serve at American Camp United States
Jul 29, 2015 -

A group of American children huddled around a young Malawian man in the dark cabin, enthralled with his stories. “You mean you have cars and houses in Africa?” one asked in disbelief. Their Malawian camp counselor wasn’t offended or hurt by their stereotypes. His huge grin turned into a long laugh. “Yes! We have them! We don’t all live in the bush!”

What is Sustainability? United States
Jul 1, 2015 -

Sustainability is a buzz word these days, but what does it really mean? Meet our new Director of Sustainable Practices, Cheryl Cuthbertson. Children of the Nations (COTN) is blessed to have her experience and passion leading us in this area. Cheryl just returned from Malawi and Uganda and is full of ideas. She sat down with me and answered some questions we all have about sustainable development.

Six Tips for Doing Short-Term Missions Right United States
Jun 22, 2015 -

A short-term mission trip is a great way to better understand a foreign culture and to renew your passion to help people in need. But when you're dealing with cultures that are so different from your own, it's not always easy to know how to help without hurting. Follow these six tips to get started on the right foot with short-term missions!

COTN Partners Create African Recipes You Can Cook in Your Home United States
May 6, 2015 -

Imagine creating a gourmet meal using only ingredients available in rural Sierra Leone. It might sound like a challenge, but the students at the Rosen College of Hospitality Management in Orlando, Florida, were up for it. They partnered with Children of the Nations (COTN) to create a book of 50 recipes for COTN's hospitality staff in Africa and the Caribbean.

Boy Scouts Collect Medical Supplies to Fight Ebola United States
Apr 9, 2015 -

A local Boy Scout troop just took on a global issue: fighting Ebola in West Africa. The troop, based in Bremerton, Washington, organized a drive to ship medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in Sierra Leone through Children of the Nations.

Lenten Prayer and Fasting, Good Friday: He Came to Dwell with Us United States
Apr 3, 2015 -

Will you pray and fast with us this Lent? Each week, we will be posting a short devotional, prayer requests, and a recipe for a simple dish similar to what our children eat.

Your Letters: A Child's Most Treasured Possession United States
Mar 25, 2015 -

Meet Angelica, Petra, Erini, and Mabinty, sponsored children from the countries we serve. They want to tell you how your letters make them feel, what they like to hear, and explain the special places they keep your letters.

Spoiler alert! They can’t wait until you send the next one. 

Lenten Prayer and Fasting, Week Five: God Removes our Shame United States
Mar 20, 2015 -

Will you pray and fast with us this Lent? Each week, we will be posting a short devotional, prayer requests, and a recipe for a simple dish similar to what our children eat.