5 Thank-You Notes from Children Whose Lives You're Changing

Do you ever catch yourself thinking that a small act of kindness couldn’t possibly have a large impact? Well, these five thank-you notes from the children you’re helping through your gifts to Children of the Nations will change your mind. Their dreams wouldn’t come true without your generosity! 


Estrella suffered from crossed eyes
Estrella now
Estrella suffered from esotropia, or crossed eyes. Your support helped her get the surgery she needed to be able to see!
Estrella is thankful for her miraculous eye surgery, which you helped fund: 
“Thank you. . . . Without the clinic, we would not have medical help. More people would be suffering and have bad health, and I would still be suffering physically and emotionally with my crossed eyes.”


Janet at college
Janet stands proudly in front of St. Mary’s Primary Teacher College. She wouldn’t have been able to attend without your help.
Janet says, “I would like to really appreciate [COTN donors] for what they are doing in my life from when I started in COTN up to now. Their contributions made me to see something ahead of me, and before I couldn’t think of something ahead.”


COTN-Uganda's Secondary School
Marani Honors High School is a relatively recent addition to COTN–Uganda. Thank you for giving students like Mercy quality education at Marani Honors High School!
Mercy attended a local secondary school before Marani Honors High School opened. Thanks to your support, we opened Marani Honors High School, and Mercy was able to attend. 
   Mercy is very thankful for the quality education she got at Marani Honors High School. 
“When I heard that we were coming back to our original school, wow,” Mercy says. “Heaven on earth was mine. I was extremely overjoyed with this news.” It was very important to Mercy to attend a COTN school where she knew the staff and other students.


                   Children like Thallah need shoes to protect their feet from injury. 
Thallah Sesay, a twelfth-grade boy, once made his way to school with rubber shoes that would scald his feet in the hot day. Thanks to your donations, Thallah can enjoy a nice pair of black shoes, a necessity that can be difficult to get in Sierra Leone. 
“Now I can smile because I have real shoes that cool off my feet when the sun is hot,” says Thallah. “I love my new shoes because they fit me perfectly. So with this, I want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to all donors and friends of the COTN family who did all that they could to get me a new pair of shoes.


Grace in Business Connections
Your generous support gave Grace the tools she needed to start her own tailoring business. 
I thank COTN for giving me an opportunity that is unforgettable,” Grace says. “I am very glad to be a part of this family that cares for me. And Business Connections has made me into the person I am today. I can make anything as long as I put my heart into it.”  


Thank you!
Praising God for His lofty provisions, we ourselves are thankful for the work He has done for our children. We would also like to thank you for giving the children over-the-top support so they can achieve their dreams, whether that means starting a small business, going to school, or just having a new pair of shoes.
Everything you empower the children to do means so much to them. Thank you!