6 Things to Write About to Your Sponsored Child This Christmas

The holidays are fast approaching! If you sponsor a child, you’ve already received a Christmas card to send your sponsored child. If you’ve mailed your card by now, thank you! Your child will love it.
Mail your Christmas card today!
If you haven’t—don’t worry. There’s still time! Mail your card by November 1st so your child can receive it during the Christmas season. 
Maybe you’re trying to figure out what to write to your child about. We have some general letter writing advice here, and below are some specific ideas for your Christmas card:
1. Wish your child and their family a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
2. Ask your sponsored child what they like about Christmas.
3. Share something you like about Christmas.
4. Share something you love about the Christmas story in the Bible. Maybe you have a favorite character, such as the wise men or the shepherds.
5. Share a favorite Christmas tradition. (Please avoid writing about wealth.) Maybe you have that one food that you always eat on Christmas Eve, or your whole family sits down to read the Christmas story from the Bible.
6. Remind your child that you’re praying for them!
Thank you and merry Christmas!
Your sponsored child will be so happy to read their Christmas card. Thank you for making a difference in a child’s life. And don’t forget that you can give toward your child’s Christmas celebration