Tips for Sending Photos to Your Sponsored Child


With each letter you send your sponsored child, you can include photos. These give your child something to treasure and a way to learn more about you. Here are some ideas about what kinds of photos to send your sponsored child:

1. Send photos of yourself and your family. (Dress standards may be different in your child’s country, so please send pictures where everyone is dressed modestly.)

Sponsor's extended family
     Sharing photos of your extended family can give your child a new insight into your life.

2. Send photos of your pets.

Yawning cat
 Pet photos are fun, and children enjoy learning about the animals that are a part of your life.

3. Send photos of places you visit. These will be educational for your child.

Teapot gas station
These sponsors found a gas station shaped like a teapot while they were on a trip in Washington state. What are some interesting buildings/places near you that you could take photos of?

4. Send photos related to where you live (e.g., plants, wildlife, geographic features, etc.).

Water and mountains
Photos of your surrounding area help your sponsored child learn about geography and get to know you better. What are some interesting natural features in your area (i.e., bodies of water, mountains, parks, etc.)?

5. Send photos of important life events (e.g., graduations, weddings, family reunions, etc.).

Graduation photo
          A graduation is the perfect celebration to share with your sponsored child.

6. Send photos of activities you participated in, or of your hobbies.

Garden plants
         Enjoy gardening? You can share your plants' progress with your sponsored child.

Pumpkin patch
This family visited a pumpkin patch. This could be an opportunity to tell their sponsored child about some of their favorite seasonal activities. (And to ask their sponsored child about some of his or her favorite activities.)

7. Please avoid photos that focus on material processions and wealth (e.g., rooms in your home, gifts under the Christmas tree, piles of birthday gifts, expensive items you purchased, etc.).

8. Please do not send photos that involve real or toy guns, weapons, or violence—even in fun (this includes superheroes).


9. Photos are best at 4"x6" or smaller.


10. Be sure to mention your photo in your letter and explain what’s happening in the picture.

11. For more information, visit

                                 Thank you so much for loving your sponsored child!

Every photo is a little bit of yourself you are sharing with your sponsored child. And every photo is treasured. Thank you for sharing!

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