Tips for Writing to Your Sponsored Child


Your sponsored child loves receiving letters from you! Here are some tips to help you communicate with your sponsored child:

1. Decorate your letters (you can use stickers, stamps, drawings, and other fun things). You can use your own stationery or you can download one of our letter templates.

Daniel with letter
              Daniel from Uganda is holding up a much-appreciated letter from his sponsor.

2. Write plainly and clearly. Write about things your sponsored child will understand, such as family, pets, work, church, hobbies, sports, tastes in food, music, and activities.


3. If you are writing to a child in the Dominican Republic or Haiti, please leave room in your letter for translation (please leave a space at least as long as your original letter).


4. Avoid writing about politics, governmental issues, money, and possessions. Also, please do not ask your child if there is anything they need or desire. Your sponsorship meets their needs, and they are taught not to ask for extra things. We will communicate any needs with you, should they arise.

Volunteers translate letters
A volunteer at our Silverdale office translates one of the Christmas messages from a caring sponsor like you.

5. Tell your sponsored child about something you did recently (e.g., a trip you went on, an event at your church, a class you are taking, etc.).


6. Share important family events with your sponsored child (e.g., graduations, marriages, new babies, etc.).


7. Tell your sponsored child about your favorite things. (Don’t focus too much on material items—talk about activities that you enjoy.) Then ask your sponsored child what some of their favorite things are.

Haitian girl listens to letter being read
    Young children, like this girl from Haiti, love having your letters read to them.

8. Ask one to three questions for your sponsored child to answer in their reply. Try to ask questions that can’t be answered with “yes” or “no.”


9. Encourage your child’s learning and relationship with the Lord. Include Bible verses and remind your child of how much God loves them.


10. Tell your child that you prayed for them. Be specific (e.g., “I prayed that you would have good health and do well in school”).

Boy uses creative coloring
Children’s replies often reveal their creativity, like this letter with its brightly-colored antelope.

11. Do not include your address, email, phone number, Facebook page, or contact information of any kind in the letter.


12. Please double-envelope your letter if you are mailing it to our office. Address the inner, unsealed envelope with your child’s name and reference number on the center of the envelope and your first and last name on the upper left corner. Address the outer envelope: COTN, P.O. Box 3970, Silverdale WA 98383.

13. Please do not wait for a response before you write again. All mail is sent to and from our countries with staff and Venture teams. Therefore, the mail only goes when staff or teams go, which may be once every one to three months, depending on the time of year. We suggest writing every one to two months, since it may take several months for you to receive a response.


14. For more information, visit our Sponsorship FAQ page.

Child reading letters
                                                Thank you for loving the children!

Thank you for taking the time to write to your sponsored child! Your letters remind your child that you love and care for them.

P.S. Want to see your love spread even further? For a short time (until Aug. 15th), your gift to COTN will be matched to go twice as far!