Your Four Biggest Questions about Your Child’s Photo


Imagine the scene: It’s sponsorship photo day, and your child’s whole class is lined up outside. It's hot, and she is toward the back of the line. She's tired and a little nervous—she only gets her picture taken twice a year, so this is a big deal for her.

And then it happens—the camera clicks and her face is blank. No smile. Again.
                           It can be frustrating and disappointing to get a photo of your child looking unhappy. 
As a sponsor, you probably have a few questions about why your child’s photo looks the way it does. Here are some answers to the most common questions:
1. Why doesn't my child ever smile in his sponsorship photo? 
There are a lot of possible answers to this question. Your child could be nervous for his picture. Maybe his personality is more reserved than boisterous. His parents might have taught him to look serious when his picture is taken. In many of the countries we serve, a photo is seen as a very serious occasion, and you put on your most solemn face.
Or, it might just be that your child waited in a very long line for his photo, and he’s not in a very good mood when he gets to the end. 
                                  Your child might have to wait in line for a while before his photo is taken. 
2. Why isn’t my sponsored child wearing shoes in my photo?
Seeing your child barefoot in a photo could make you worry that your child does not have shoes. Maybe your support isn’t reaching her?
Seeing a photo of your child without shoes does not mean she doesn’t have them! We regularly distribute shoes to all the children in our care. But children in the countries we serve don’t always wear their shoes. Many children only wear their shoes to school and church, so if the photo is taken on a Saturday or a vacation day, your child could be barefoot. 
3. Why is my sponsored child dressed so poorly?
Again, just because your child is dressed poorly doesn’t mean she doesn’t have clothing. Often, nice clothes are saved for special occasions. Your sponsorship provides your child with a uniform for school. Often children only have three outfits—their uniform, church clothes, and play clothes. Children play hard, so their play clothes get dirty and worn. Your child might not have known it was picture day, or it could be laundry day, so the clothes you see might be her play clothes. 
4. Why is my sponsored child dressed so nicely?
If your child did know it was picture day, she might have put on her best outfit—one she only wears for special occasions. Also, a group of children will sometimes share one fancy dress on picture day, so they all can look special. 
No matter what your child looks like in her photo, remember there is more transformation going on in her life than an expression or an outfit could ever show. And that’s what’s most important. 
What other questions do you have about your child's photos? 
Write them in a comment below, and we'll do our best to answer them!